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Happy December!

Something Personal

It's December!

2020 is almost a thing of the past- I'm ready, are you?

I've been down in the dumps for the last week, or more, without any real reason. Covid numbers are going up everywhere, but so far our family is weathering the storm without too much trouble. I know it's not the same for many of you, and for that, I'm truly sorry and send virtual hugs.

In many ways, this pandemic has taught us how resilient we can be. I see people cooking and canning and taking up new hobbies they never would have tried otherwise. Families are drawing closer, and neighbors are reaching out to help those in need.

It's true that in times of strife, kindness prevails.  

In the last newsletter, I thought it would be a good idea to start a virtual gratitude jar. With all that's going on in the world, we could use a little positivity in our lives!

Each newsletter (bi-weekly) I'll add something I'm grateful for to the 'jar' and ask you to send in your gratitude notes. Together, we can boost each other up :)

This week's gratitude note: from me

I'm grateful for my husband's quick reflexes that saved him from a near-fatal car accident on his way to work. Please, please slow down so we might all live to see another day. 

Okay, you're next.  Send me your gratitude notes and I'll add them to the newsletter.

Until next time,

In the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry, "Be kind. Be calm. Be safe."

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Pet Corner

Meet Dot

Dot is reader Darlene's 5 yr old rescue dog. All ready for Christmas!

Send me your pet pics to share!

Meet Sandy

This is reader Barb's sweet pup with Santa. She went to doggie heaven a few years ago, but lives on in her family's hearts.

Send me your pet pics to share!

Meet Cookie and Snickerdoodle

This is reader Jenny's companions. Cookie is the black and white cat- he's 7, and Snickerdoodle is 2 1/2. She was abandoned at their apartment complex and Jenny took her in. Aren't they cute?

Send me your pet pics to share!
Reader Miki's furry friends

Meet Greta, a gray and white tuxedo who's not quite sure if she wants to accept her roommate, Mr. Henry!

And this is Mr. Henry, a Maine coon!

Miki tells me he has a lot of personality and I can believe it :)
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Gratitude Jar- Let's fill it up!

I am grateful for the right to vote and the record breaking amount of United States citizens who used their rights in our recent election.

I am grateful that my immediate family is together with me and we all agree to be following safe practices during this time.


I’m grateful for the love of my family. I have a large family and we can’t be together for Thanksgiving because of COVID-19 but we can send love by phone.


I am thankful that my family, especially my 91-year-old mother, is safe and well.
Thanks for this lovely feature in your newsletter, Jacquie. I'm pleased your mother is being well taken care of.
Sending hugs,


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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE The posts on this site may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission should you make a purchase using a link.

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