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Allowances for IT - Update 1 (Replies)


Hi HR Practitioners,

I would like to know is there any special allowance that IT industry is giving which form part of the remuneration package, and this can be easily remove once the staff is not performing the role/scope.





Depending on the nature of the allowance. We will usually term it as Appointment or Stand In allowance that can be removed once the person is no longer performing the role.




In my previous jobs, we categorise employeees into special skills that are in demand. An allowance was given to these group of employees. We also factor in travelling.

So for instance, now there is a demand for cyber security competency and skills. You can apply an allowance to the employees in this group.




You will have to check against the staff contract and company policy. If it is already stated in the contract or company policy that is his / her entitlement, it is not right to take that out. You or the person in charge to investigate and counsel him / her and monitor. But if it still does not work out, will be warning letter and tag with a PIP to see if he / she will improve.



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