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"Useful ... and yellow!"


Sunday, June 7, 2020 | Melbourne, Australia



I love seeing entrepreneurs and business professionals zig when others are zagging.

People who don’t run with the herd, but consciously go against conventional wisdom.

Case in point:

Megan Davis, from Spendlove and Lamb, helps businesses and organisations harness the power of storytelling to help them achieve their goals.

With so much education being delivered online, you’d reckon that’s the place to be, right? Well, maybe it is, but Megan has a different view. She has just launched a delivered by mail correspondence course called ‘The Magic Of Storytelling’.

Megan writes in a LinkedIn post:

“For the past three years, I have been running online workshops and sessions. However, the time of COVID-19 is about change and transformation. So I thought what can I offer that is different? I have created an old fashioned, by mail only correspondence course to teach the 'Magic of Storytelling.' Have a story burning inside you? Craving human connection, handwritten notes, and slow learning? This correspondence course is for you!”

How good is that? I remember doing a delivered-by-mail freelance writing correspondence course when I was a teenager living in Warracknabeal in country Victoria, so this old-school method kinda appeals to me :)

Interested to know more about Megan’s course? Click here.

Okay, time to get ziggy with it!



This fortnight’s shout-out goes to Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, who developed the Israeli television thriller series Fauda. Potentially the best TV series I’ve seen. Riveting and relentless in equal measure. Check out Fauda on Netflix

Special mention to futurist and author, Steve Sammartino. I love his passion and curious nature (listen to Steve’s story on last week’s Reputation Revolution podcast).


This Instagram account caught my eye!

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of puff, bluff and swagger on Instagram, with so many so-called ‘influencers’ jostling for eyeballs with their carefully constructed but ultimately soulless and inauthentic posts.

That’s why I 💛 what Emily and Alan Braithwaite - husband-and-wife online visibility consultants from Southampton in the UK - are doing with Instagram.

Emily and Alan run Yellow Tuxedo, and are obsessed with the colour yellow, as you will see from their Instagram account. Not only does it look great (style), but it’s packed with value too, including daily vlogs (substance). If you want to see what ‘authenticity’ on social media looks like, Emily and Alan are a great example.

Check it out ---> instagram.com/yellow_tuxedo


Planning to build a business around your personal brand?

Read this first! I didn’t (obviously!) – and it cost me heaps of time and headspace. Don’t be like me 🙂


What I’ve been listening to

I’m going with a book this fortnight rather than a podcast - The Passion Economy: The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century, by Adam Davidson, creator of NPR's Planet Money podcast and award-winning New Yorker staff writer.

Here’s the blurb: “Contrary to what you may have heard, the middle class is not dying and robots are not stealing our jobs. In fact, writes Adam Davidson, the twenty-first-century economic paradigm offers new ways of making money, fresh paths toward professional fulfillment, and unprecedented opportunities for curious, ambitious individuals to combine the things they love with their careers.”

What I like about The Passion Economy is Davidson’s focus on storytelling. It feels there are more stories ‘per square inch’ of this book than other business/economic titles I’ve read. No surprise, given the author’s background as a journalist, but I must say it’s a refreshing way to explain how people are “cracking the code to success in our new economic reality”.

I note The Passion Economy is also a podcast - it hasn’t hit its stride yet, but maybe worth putting on your radar if the overall concept is one you find interesting.


Headline of the fortnight

‘There’s A Biker Gang In Your Supply Chain’ by reformed branding and advertising creative director turned entrepreneur, Ian Whitworth. Cool, huh? (Read the article)


Tool/app of the fortnight

Many people have heard of Rev but in the off-chance it hasn’t popped up on your radar, it’s definitely worth knowing about!

Rev is an on-demand audio/video transcription service done by humans (yeah, take that robots!). They boast 99% accuracy - I have used the service extensively and can attest to the accuracy bit. Cost is US $1.25 a minute, which is a lot more than AI-generated transcriptions, but of course, you get the accuracy so you’ll spend a lot less time tidying up the finished product (Rev offers a ‘rough draft’ machine-generated service at 0.25c per minute if budget is an issue).

I mainly use Rev to transcribe video and podcast interviews that I do. I either publish the transcribed interview in whole, or use it as a basis to write an article from scratch.


I found this article interesting

Sue Parker from DARE Group Australia has run a poll on LinkedIn to gauge members’ feedback as to their number one content preference to consume (not curate) on the platform.

The poll attracted 511 votes, the vast majority of which came from Australian LinkedIn members. 

Sue writes: “The staggering preference was written formats at 77.8 per cent (a combination of texts/images at 47.3 per cent and articles at 30.5 per cent) vs videos at 20.1 per cent and podcasts at 2.1 per cent.”

READ THE ARTICLE - Poll reveals video is not the golden preference on LinkedIn

(The article features comments by best-selling author Mark Schaefer, Source Bottle’s Bec Derrington and my good self).


This quote caught my attention

"The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is an essential career skill in the 2020s"@JulianMather (former army sniper turned globe-trotting TV cameraman turned magician turned accidental Youtube personality turned smartphone video evangelist!). Check out Julian here.


Have you heard of Ticker TV? 

Ticker is a new Australian news platform with content focusing on business, tech, startups, entrepreneurs, media and travel. Check out Ticker here, or via Apple TV.


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