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Connecticut Rivers Council

CEO Steven Smith


For Immediate Release

Scouts Raise Funds for 4-CT

East Hartford, CT, Scouts on Tuesday, September 29th at 2pm at the capital steps will present members from the Founders, Board, and staff of the state non-profit organization 4-CT; with a check to help in the causes that have recently affected our state.  They will be joined by members of the state congress, local Scout executives, and Scouts. 

4-CT’s mission is to coordinate philanthropy throughout Connecticut to quickly get funds to those who need them most. 4-CT will partner with Community Foundations, nonprofits, philanthropists, corporations, and donors. 4-CT staff and volunteers will collect, develop and adapt potential solutions and prioritize and fund high-impact projects.  4-CT has been at the forefront of helping families that were affected by Covid-19 and supporting our states frontliners. 

The Scouts raised funds through the sale of a specialized patch (pictured below).  This patch was bought buy Scouts from all across the state and even Scouting alumni from around the country. This patch honors our nations frontliners and now is an official patch that can be worn on the uniform. Two thousand dollars was raised with the purpose of supporting 4-CT's mission and helping our frontliners.  

The Connecticut Rivers Council proudly serves over 13,000 boys and girls throughout Connecticut with the time-tested leadership training program of Scouting. The Connecticut Rivers Council will enthusiastically meet new challenges head-on and continue to offer quality programming and services to the communities we serve.

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Connecticut Rivers Council


Connecticut Rivers Council

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