Fred Hollows Foundation makes largest contributions to Indigenous eye health

[Myles Hume, Insight]

Expansion of the Indigenous eye health workforce and greater provision of eyecare in Aboriginal-controlled health services will be possible under a new $40 million plan announced by The Fred Hollows Foundation.

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Linda Burney demands government sort out Aboriginal flag secret agreement

[Lorena Allam, The Guardian]

Labor’s Linda Burney is demanding the federal government take steps to sort [it] out, because it is now unclear whether her own tattoo of the flag is a breach of copyright.

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Aunty Kerry Reed-Gilbert's memoir

by Alex Cseh-Scurry

The Cherry Picker’s Daughter is a window into the day-to-day lived experience, a profound insight into the extraordinary strength, resilience and ingenuity of Aboriginal families, of women in particular, to survive and overcome seemingly insurmountable adversity: extreme poverty, persecution, racism and cultural genocide.

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New program to improve outcomes for babies

Supplied by DDHHS

The Bridging Antenatal Care, Indigenous Babies and Smoking Cessation (BAIBS) program encourages pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, or those women pregnant with an Indigenous baby, to attend antenatal appointments and quit smoking.

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