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Pantagruelian vision of social media by Hieronymus Bosch

How lucky I am, being cut off from useless infos and Fackbook´s suspicion over a breach of their community standards, or bedroom revolutionaries.

Nice time ... Greet the Chicanous for me!

Holiday feeling, as mademoiselle watches Tati´s Mon Oncle, how about a cool little Walk on the Gnose Side?

Walk on the Gnose Side

Holiday feel at home, and I read Rabelais further:

as in the middle of some horrificque tempest on sea, Panurge wets his pants and makes a shame of himself, Pantagruel takes everything cool, as Charlton Heston in Airport 77 "You´re doing fine, baby":

"He took everything from the good side, never bothered, mourned or scandalized over anything"

"Toutes choses prenoit en bonne partie, tout acte interpretoit à bien, jamais ne se tourmentoit, jamais ne se scandalizoit."

Pantagruelism is a Philosophy of Serenity, and I discover myself as a Pantagruelian artist, someday I´ll spend millions on a Pantagruel movie, with Depardieu in the star´s role.

Tomorrow 28th July, JS Bach died 265 years ago (1750), was it a heat-stroke? - yesterday we had 35° C here - his "Brandenburg" Concertos are about 300 years old and I love that third one, written 1717/19 in Köthen for Prince Leopold von Anhalt-Köthen.

Where are the Princes who play viola da gamba today?

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Gilles Zimmermann

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