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A. Article: Meditation is easy

You may think that meditation is:

  • nonsense
  • not for your monkey mind
  • time consuming

I decided to re-share this post, because:

  • I am still amazed with how meditation has improved the quality of my life
  • I have received over 100 personal e-mails thanking me for the inspiration they have been given by this post from the people who have started regular practice
  • I see my role as inspiring you to experiment and to feel better in times of anxiety and distraction

Enjoy: “From 0 to 100 days of daily meditation — is that for you?


B. Book: Negotiate like a human

Do you think that you are the best negotiator in the World?

Or are you a person who thinks that negotiating is cheating?

Like it or not — asking for more is helpful and you can always do better.

Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss is an outstanding book on this topic,

  • it was written by an ex-hostage negotiator and is packed with true stories!
  • it offers a fresh approach to the topic with “soft” tips such as using the right voice!
  • it has the highest average Goodreads rating (4.49) of all the books I have ever read!

I have also included a useful cheat sheet by Yan-David Erlich for busy people.


C. Concept: Powerful molting

If a snake leaves its skin behind, why do you stick to your same old self?

As the new year approaches be ready to get out of your mould.

Choose a skin that you are going to feel comfortable in.


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