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Best Sellers August

The Boy from Boomerang Crescent

"The Boy from Boomerang Crescent" by Eddie Betts was top of the August Bestseller list with 1,344 sales.

"So You Want To Live Younger Longer? The Ultimate Guide to Longevity From Australia's Most Trusted Doctor" came in a very close second with 1,325 sales (+855). 

"Lessons in Chemistry" returned to the top three (previously seen in June) with 1,216 sales (+144).

See the complete Top 50


Monthly sales compared to the same time last year are up dramatically. We actually wondered if there were issues in the data but came to the realisation that we all must have been in lockdowns this time last year.

Year To Date Australia is still up 4.8%. NZ is down 4.5%.

Sales compared to last year June/July

  • Australia:  +27.55% / +61.75%
  • New Zealand: -14.05% / +69.6%

You can see the full year in Reports > Monthly Sales

Pricing Restructure

On October 1 we are changing our pricing model to make it simpler. The good news is that it will not increase prices and for very small stores and groups it will reduce the price.

We are cutting the store base fee from $100 to $50 p/m. This means the first turnover addition will start after 50k p/a rather than 100k and additional sites in a group will only add $50 rather than $100 to the monthly total.

Help Document Improvements

We continually update the Circle Help Document but lately we have had a big session on improving the layout and language.

The document is shared to comment so you are welcome suggest improvements and corrections if you see an opportunity.

Tip: Try using the quick search option to quickly locate specific words (Ctrl + F on Windows or Cmd + F on Mac).

Kia ora new stores

The Curatorium

A very warm welcome to all new (and seasoned) bookshop owners. 

The Curatoreum @ National Portrait Gallery
Canberra  |

Smiths Bookshop
Christchurch, NZ. |

Updates Last Month

August saw further improvements to Credit Notes. You are now able to make alterations and or refunds in the new Credit Note system. Contact support if you are keen to beta test.

The "$" currency symbol has been removed to make the site work better in other currencies, you can now import other currencies in load stock. Short supplies and damaged items now have a dedicated process in returns. 

Order status has been added for transfers between group stores and the association portal is starting to poke its head above ground.

Finally the team continue with the R6 upgrade and Xero integration.

See all improvements in detail here.

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