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Iron age, year unknown

The train arrives soon , bell, barrier ... The time stopped yesterday in Huglfing in Bavaria. The station has become a cafe / cultural place, Instead of once to the iron rhythm of the train, it is now to the pace of cars that the people of Huglfing must live. The train station itself is reduced to a shelter with automaton and train timetable.

Fortunately, some life has remained around the cafe which now occupies the old station. And some local associations work together for exhibitions with modern art performances!

I´ve known Barbara Henning since the mid-90s in Munich. A hands-on, sculptor, singer and artist, she creates question-places populated with oversized objects. When the funding allows, she organizes a special performance for the vernissage with a more or less large choir of harmonic singers, i.e. overtone singing (we made up to 12) and we inaugurate the exhibition, improvising and mixing harmonic singing.

The theme of the exhibition was the station and the banal communications between people when the train is late, or all your program is upset and you have to find an occupation while stuck in a time gap. Pestering, apathy, antagonism and whining are the most common affections, and even sometimes blow up out of anger, but, back to normal, finally, the train arrives, there is a solution, for the moment ...

As everything was very well organized, we finished around a buffet, waiting for the train. It was raining yesterday and the temperature was abnormally low for a May 3rd, but it made the atmosphere of the exhibition even more out of time, the event continuing in the cafe with a group of folk music, Irish and others.

These few hours are already fading away in the Akashic memories, they are still floating in the air, but no captured image is necessary. The moment was.

Accordingly, I'm also floating right now in the harmonies of Couperin and his Mysterious Barricades, here at the double harpsichord

Les Barricades Mysterieuses - Jory Vinikour, double harpsichord
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Gilles Zimmermann

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