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If you're new here - welcome! As you've probably already guessed from my lovely header graphic, I write erotica and erotic romance in a multitude of pairings and genres. I'm from the UK, so my stories usually have a very English feel to them - even if the stories are set elsewhere in the world, my characters are mostly British. If you want to find out a bit more about me, the 'about me' page on my website should help you out - then please feel free to stick around and check out my books! Also, in the signature of this newsletter are my web and social media links - if you want more regular updates or to find out when new books hit shelves, do follow me on my various accounts.

So... this is quite a long newsletter, but in my eyes (and hopefully yours, too) that's a positive thing because there's been lots going on. Most of the time I can't control what happens when, either, so I have to multitask as much as humanly possible!

At the moment I am working on putting together a charity anthology, whereby all funds will go to terror victims via the British Red Cross. It's all happened rather quickly in the wake of the horrible events in Manchester and London in recent months, but I should have more details on this for you in next month's newsletter.

And now I'll let you carry on to read the rest of the newsletter! 

New Releases

For the Love of a Soldier

This military erotic romance collection, edited by the fabulous Kristina Wright, hit shelves on the 29th June, and has already had some amazing reviews. It contains my story, Failure to Launch.


Sixteen stories of passion with soldiers, sailors, pilots, and men (and women) of war. When you love someone serving in the military, love can be fraught and erotic opportunities few or far between. These authors, veterans of the erotica and romance writing world, turn their pens to the subject with insightful and sizzling portrayals of those in (and out of…) uniform.

As editor Kristina Wright writes in her introduction, “When I married my sailor many years ago…the message was clear: duty to military service comes before duty to marriage. Moments. Hours. Days. Occasionally, weeks… That’s how romances with military lovers are measured—in the smallest of increments, because no time together is ever guaranteed.” The result is red-hot reunions and no-holds-barred passion in the precious time that is shared.

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Winning the Campaign Manager

This fun little M/M shifter tale released on the 3rd July, and has also received some really great reviews, much to my delight! If you like dominant werewolves and cute hipster guys, you should check this out.


Cade Avery is running for a position on his local county council. He’s extremely good at what he does and is a valuable asset to his community. The trouble is, he upsets people, says the wrong things, and rides rough-shod over other people’s plans and ideas. His assistant, Mary, eager to improve Cade’s public image, hires him a campaign manager.

Quentin Rayworth is thrilled to be working with such a formidable public figure. It’ll be a challenge, but he’s confident he can help Cade to win the election, and knows that the achievement will look impressive on his CV.

It’s soon clear that the two men are set to be an excellent team. That is, until Cade’s werewolf makes its intentions known—in Quentin, it has found its mate, and it will not rest until he has claimed him. But can Cade—and his wolf—win over the campaign manager?

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Mean Girls Audiobook

I had the delightful task of working with the fabulous Xanthia Bloom once more. She narrated the Mean Girls audiobook for me, and she's done a fabulous job - but don't take my word for it - go and check out the amazing reviews on Audible!


Adele Blackthorne is a big girl, a curvy chick. She knows it, and she’s been picked on all her life because of it. But she’s gotten to the stage where she doesn’t care. She may be Rubenesque, but she’s healthy, too. Much healthier than the mean girls at the leisure center that point and stare and say spiteful things about her. Adele rises above it all, and simply enjoys her secretive glances at the center’s hunky lifeguard, Oliver.

As the bullying of Adele becomes worse, Oliver finds it increasingly difficult not to intervene. He doesn’t want to get into trouble with work, but equally he can’t stand to see Adele treated in such a horrible way. Especially since he doesn’t agree that she’s fat and unattractive. He thinks she’s a seriously sexy woman, and would like to get to know her better. Much better.

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On Her High Horse

If you read the Coming in Hot boxed set (which has now been removed from sale, hence the standalone release of my story), you'll already recognise this sexy young veterinarian/cougar tale. If you have read it, incidentally, I'd very much appreciate a couple of lines of a review on the retailer pages - it really helps potential purchasers to make up their minds. If you haven't read it, well, what are you waiting for? This is a fiery hate-to-love (or lust, anyway) story with risky sex, angry sex and twists and turns a-plenty!


Do first impressions always last?

When veterinarian Brett Coulson and stable owner Samantha Hanson-Bishop meet, it’s hate at first sight. He thinks she’s a snobby, stuck-up bitch who wouldn’t know nice if it bit her on the backside. She thinks he’s a blundering, inexperienced little boy who shouldn’t be within fifty miles of her prized horses. But it doesn’t matter much—they’ll never have to see each other again. Or will they?

When fate throws them into the same room together at a charity fundraiser, the resentment between them quickly resurfaces. But mixed in with that resentment is something they both tried to deny… attraction. Will the chemistry between them cancel out the animosity, or were their first impressions just too powerful to change?

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A Different Kind of Cosplay Audiobook

Yup, lovely Xanthia has been at it again. This time she tackled my fun cosplay/Marvel geekiness book, A Different Kind of Cosplay. Once again, she did a great job! There's already a five-star review on Audible, and at the time of my putting this newsletter together, the audio version had only just hit shelves! If this sounds like your kind of thing, you should totally go and grab your copy - the more listeners we have, the more likely it is I'll be able to persuade Xanthia to narrate more books for me - and she's a busy lady!


Zachary has a dilemma. His girlfriend, Reese, has a special birthday coming up soon and he has absolutely no clue what to get for her. It doesn’t help that Zach does not share or really understand Reese’s biggest hobby—comic books, superheroes and everything that goes with them. Zach raids Reese’s DVD collection for inspiration, and what he finds there gives him an idea…possibly the best one he’s ever had.

Sure, Reese has fantasized about her favorite superheroes. All those muscles and rakish smiles are to die for. She didn’t think Zach would ever really understand, though. But he proves her wrong in the best way possible.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Last, but certainly not least, is the book I've been excited to release for a while... my sexy spy thriller, Hiding in Plain Sight. It feels like it's been a long time coming, and I suppose it has, but thankfully early reviewers have indicated it was worth the wait. Phew! In fact, one of my readers said that one of the scenes (I don't want to say which and spoil the surprise) was the most erotic things she's ever read! Needless to say, that comment made my year! This novel-length book releases today, much to my excitement, and I really can't wait to hear what you think. If you pre-ordered it (thank you!), it should have hit your eReaders already, or you can grab it now in eBook or print format.


Mallory Scott is an espionage operative, working for the British government. She’s travelled all over the world, often going undercover and infiltrating criminal organisations in order to extract the intelligence needed to dismantle their operations and bring the perpetrators to justice. Given her usual targets are terrorists, people-traffickers, drug-traffickers and arms dealers, her latest assignment should be relatively simple. A small group of Brits is raking in serious money in the diamond-scamming business—and although their MO is theft and forgery, rather than hurting people, they still need to be stopped. But up until now, they’ve proved elusive—no one can catch them in the act, or find a shred of evidence against them.

That’s where Mallory comes in. She follows the group to Amsterdam, planning to get her claws in to one of the gang. Luck is on her side, and within twenty-four hours she’s lunching with Baxter Collinson, the youngest—and most handsome—diamond thief. What’s she not expecting, however, is to get on with him quite so well. Attraction bubbles between them—and for once, on Mallory’s part, it isn’t an act. For the first time in her career, Mallory struggles with what she must do.

Can she ignore her heart for the sake of her career?

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Upcoming Releases


This slightly bonkers M/M superhero tale has already been released as part of the I Need a Hero anthology, which I mentioned in the last newsletter, and is also being released as a standalone story next month. Unseen's release date is 15th August. It's available as a pre-order, or, if you shop directly at the publisher, you can get it now as an early download.


When a scientific procedure has unexpected results, Rory tries to make the best of a bad situation and ends up becoming an accidental superhero.

Medical scientist Rory is working in his top secret underground laboratory in Central London when a procedure has unexpected results. Far from curing his patient, a monkey called Arnold, of an unpleasant disease, he manages to turn the animal invisible! In his panic, Rory accidentally gets some of the serum he injected Arnold with into his own bloodstream, rendering himself invisible, too. With disbelief and confusion filling his brain, Rory finds it impossible to think straight, much less to figure out what precisely happened, and what on earth he’s going to do about it. So, after stripping off his clothes—which remain visible and therefore would give him away—he heads out into the London night for a walk to try and clear his head. Soon, a series of events lead him into a situation where he takes heroic action to protect somebody from hurting themselves, or someone else. And, just when Rory thinks things can’t get any weirder, he’s found, completely naked, in the home of the man he helped the previous evening. How can he explain his way out of this?

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I Need a Hero

“Each story has a seriously unique take on the superhero theme and most of them grabbed me, refusing to let go until I finished the very last page. Overall, this is a fantastic anthology that I would highly recommend to m/m romance readers who likes action with their sexy bits.” 4 out of 5, The TBR Pile

Winning the Campaign Manager

“If you like your romances hot and lightning-quick, if you enjoy shifter stories with a heavy serving of humor on top of an entertaining plot, and if you’re looking for a read that goes from funny to hilarious, and from hot to scorching, then you will probably like this novella as much as I do. I think it’s extremely amusing and the characters’ shenanigans made me laugh out loud more than once.” Rainbow Book Reviews 


Smashwords July Sale

The fabulous folks at Smashwords are having a July sale! Most of my self-published books are included, as are my books with publishers Tirgearr Publishing and Evernight Publishing, so go ahead and bag yourself some bargains!

Self-Published and Tirgearr Publishing books

Evernight Publishing books

British Bad Boys Only Available Until 11th August

All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes, and this is no exception. The British Bad Boys boxed set will be disappearing from Amazon on the 11th August. Obviously if you purchase it outright, it's yours forever, but if you read as part of Kindle Unlimited, then you'll need to be quick!


Indulge yourself with this boxed set of stories written by bestselling and award-winning British romance authors. No one knows British bad boys better than they do!

Come and spend time with a dirty-talking London tattoo artist, a Scottish bad boy, a British gangster who won’t take no for an answer, and MORE! These men are all hotter than hell and have accents to die for. Whatever your desire, you’ll find it within these pages.

Packed full of brand new standalone, steamy stories with no cliff-hangers. With happily-ever-afters guaranteed, you won’t want to miss out on this limited collection, available for a short time only!

What are you waiting for?

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Bad Boy Romance Giveaway

Speaking of bad boys, I'm taking part in this amazing giveaway with Love Books. You can get your hands on some fabulous bad boy romance books, and Kindle Fires. Click the button below to enter! Ends 31st July.

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Kindle Unlimited Summer Reading Giveaway

Check out a ton of amazing reads in Kindle Unlimited, and enter to win $200 in Amazon gift cards, plus much more. Ends 31st July.

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Win a Kindle Fire

Myself and a bunch of other authors, as well as Romancing the Dragon, have teamed up to offer some of our books absolutely free at Instafreebie, as well as give away a fabulous Kindle Fire. So click the button below to get yourself some amazing free reads, then enter for your chance to win. Ends 6th August.

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Show Me the Muscle 99c Romance Reads

This fun event is all about muscles - my kind of event! Basically, all the books involved have hot guys on the cover, some of them topless, some of them not. And, even better, the books are on sale. So have fun drooling over the covers and buying the books! I'm not telling you which of my titles is on sale, you'll have to go and find out ;) Hurry, though, this ends on the 28th July.

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Best of British

I've teamed up with another awesome bunch to cross-promote our Best of British books. Get your hands on amazing books in a huge variety of genres at the link below.

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Kick Ass Women Across Genres

Grab yourself free books (via Instafreebie) in a whole bunch of different genres, including romance, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, suspense and more!

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Friends' Books

Each month I'll share some amazing books from my writer buddies. Please note, though, if they are on offer, you should check before buying, just in case the offer has expired - I can't take any responsibility for price changes.

His Lordship's Downfall Just 99c/p

With profound apologies to Jane Austen, who through no fault of her own inspired this tale of dark contemporary romance. Although M/F, monogamous and HEA, this story is far more explicit than any I’ve written before. Sexual exploitation, casual misogyny, brazen revenge, graphic language including frequent appearances of the c- word, and the use of unconventional devices for intimate purposes are only a few of its many sins. Read solely at your own discretion. 

Lord Adrian Burleigh is a handsome, autocratic aristocrat with a taste for sadism. In his world--where a modern-day British Empire still rules most of the globe--there are no limits for a man of such wealth and power. His privileged life is comfortable, controlled and predictable. Until, that is, he decides to acquire a “pet”. 

Early on, the reader is likely to conceive a desire to do terrible things to Lord Adrian despite--or because of--his wicked appeal. Rest assured, the arrogant lord will receive his just deserts. Of course, because this is a romance, he will become a better man for it.

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Creatures: A Limited Edition Collection Just 99c/p

CREATURES is a collection of otherworldly tales from today's indie-favorite New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors!

You are about to enter the realm of Creatures, a boxed set packed with more than twenty enthralling tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance! From witches to vampires, shifters to fae, and every dark creature known to lurk the pages of fantasy fiction, you're sure to find yourself up past your bedtime and reading well into the witching hour!

So curl up on your sofa with a steaming cup of tea and PreOrder today if you dare brave the beasts!

Including stories from A K Michaels, Gina Kincade, Kimberly Gould, Bianca D'Arc, Heather Marie Adkins, Boone Brux, Morgan Wylie, Felicia Beasley, Kyoko M.

Release date 15th August.

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Safe With Me by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Small business owner and financial advisor, Samiyah Manhattan is mourning the death of her six-year marriage when she vows never to trust men again. Alone at a local bar, Samiyah attempts to put her situation in perspective when she is drawn inexorably to the presence of a nearby patron.

Celebrity ex-boxer and heavyweight champion turned business mogul, Jonas Alexander Rose never takes women too seriously. They only attach themselves to him because of his star-studded status. However, when he meets the beautiful Samiyah Manhattan mulling over a mimosa at his favorite bar and grill, Jonas is overwhelmed by the heart throbbing heated attraction, and now he is on a mission to explore this thing called love. But can Jonas break the barrier that Samiyah's put up and is he even ready? Find out if Jonas and Samiyah are a match made in heaven or if they will miss out on their happily ever after in Safe With Me. Book one in the Falling For A Rose Series.

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Cimmerian Shade Just 99c/p

Dare to discover what lurks in the shadows in **New & Exclusive** paranormal and urban fantasy stories from your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling authors. 

Under moonlit skies, witches, werewolves, vampires, demons, dragons, and more, battle not only for their mates, but to stay alive...

Fall for the alphas who play by their own rules despite the odds, whether century-old curses or forbidden love, or worse. For them, what lies in the darkness is worth the fight when it comes to romance.

Authors Featured in this Collection: Kiki Howell, Gina Kincade, Kathleen Grieve, Lashell Collins, Angelica Dawson, Elvira Bathory, Erzabet Bishop, Red L. Jameson, Muffy Wilson, Dariel Raye, Amanda Pillar, Savannah Verte, Alyssa Drake, Mychal Daniels, Decadent Kane, Kharma Kelley, Shelique Lize, Kallysten, Liz Gavin, Isis Pierce, Catherine Banks, Catherine Vale, Heather Marie Adkins, Felicia Beasley.

Releasing 12th September.

Pre-Order Now

Royally Mine Just 99c/p

Powerful kings. Dirty-talking princes. Insatiable dukes.

They’re ready to rule your heart.

Royally Mine is a sexy collection of bad boy romances featuring HOT royal heroes, brought to you by twenty-two New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors. This deliciously naughty bundle of ALL-NEW standalone novellas stars panty-scorching kings, princes, and dukes who are used to being in command. Charge up your e-reader, clear your schedule, and put on your best tiara, because these royal bad boys are ready to conquer your heart while making you blush oh so hard.

Featured authors: Susan Stoker, Annabel Joseph, Katy Regnery, Nikki Sloane, Renee Rose, Molly O’Keefe, Alta Hensley, Nora Flite, Natasha Knight, Sue Lyndon, Jenika Snow, Maggie Ryan, Celeste Jones, Lee Savino, Livia Grant, Alexis Alvarez, Rayanna James, Ava Sinclair, Addison Cain, Jennifer Bene, Becca Jameson, Mikey Lee.

Releasing 22nd August.

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