New videos and articles to help you improve your table tennis skills
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Tom's Table Tennis Tips


Here are my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on how to train effectively, controlling nerves, developing your touch and maintaining focus when you have a winning position. I also share a video examining the biggest weakness of my own game.


New videos and articles
Don’t train like this!

In this video, I highlight a common flaw in how some players train. This flaw is spending too much time, hitting forehand to forehand from one position. These players tend to have petty good forehands, but struggle when they play matches as the rest of their game is underdeveloped. If this is you, you need to spend your training time more wisely.

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Using mental rehearsal to reduce nerves and boost performance in table tennis

I have suffered badly with nerves in the past when playing competitive table tennis matches. One technique which has helped me control my nerves is mental rehearsal. This is a technique which is very common with professional athletes in all sports. But you don’t need to be a professional athlete to experience the benefits of mental rehearsal. Any table tennis player, at any standard, can benefit. In this blog post, I explain what mental rehearsal is and how you can use it when playing to boost your performance.

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AMAZING bat and ball skills (with Craig Bryant)

In this video, Craig Bryant shows off some of hist incredible bat and ball skills. These skills are great for developing control, feeling, touch, spin generation and more. In the video, Craig shows you how to do 6 bat and ball skills and explain the benefits of each one. And at the end of the video, Craig attempts all 6 skills in one go. Will he do it?

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How to overcome “3rd game syndrome”

One of the players I coach often struggles when he gets to the 3rd game in a match. He told me… “I have found that I quite often win the first 2 games comfortably maybe 11:5 or 11:6 but then in the 3rd game I lose. I am sure this is a psychological thing. I have asked around and even some much better players than myself experience this from time to time. What’s going on? How to beat this?” In this blog post, I explain how you can overcome “3rd game syndrome” and win the 3rd game and the match.

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What’s wrong with my game?

In this video, I get some feedback from Rade Markovic (Head Coach – ASV Grünwettersbach) about my table tennis skills. Rade watches me play with Juan Perez, a Spanish junior player, and then delivers his verdict. What is the biggest issue with my game? What do I need to do to improve?

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Table tennis training camp for local league players

In August 2020, I will be running a table tennis training camp in Cambridge. It’s going to be very focused towards local league players. We’re going to work on the skills, technique and tactics needed to win extra points when paying local league matches. Players will learn how to improve their footwork, rallying skills, ball placement, loops, flicks, serve, receive, defensive skills, match tactics and much more!

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