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March 24
Why I Write Passionate Fiction

When I first started to write my stories, I realized my "voice" was less concerned with painting my characters as being in love with each other, and more concerned with showing them in love with their lives. That drive, that passion, is something they take with them into their relationships on the page and then off the page to your heart.

Aja's Books
March 24

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It’s not a social site that bogs you down and takes up all of your time. It’s a romance only platform that allows you to discover an author’s work before you buy! Bites—excerpts chosen by the author— are highlights of the book that don’t give away the plot, but suck you in (kind of like a movie trailer)! If you love the Bite, you can give it a like so that Book+Main will know what Bites to suggest to you in the future. It’s sort of like Netflix, in the sense that it allows you to customize your experience, based on what you interact with. It's a reader discovery tool. In the mood for something specific? Search that keyword (or combination of keywords, ie. African American single dad) and Bites that fit those criteria will populate. You can be on and off in five minutes or less with your next book in hand! No waiting for recommendations that don’t fit your preference or wading through Amazon also boughts. It’s serving you relevant content based on your set parameters. Make sure to follow me so that you’ll be notified when I post new Bites on Book+Main.

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No Holds Barred by Stephanie Nicole Norris
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