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Started the Internship at Myant

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Research and Development

This summer, I started an internship at Myant, a textile and biotech company based out of Etobicoke, so far I have learned a ton, for example, printing sensors, DNA extraction, and electrical engineering, these are just some of the amazing things I was learning about. Shoutout to Mat and Milad from Myant for making this so memorable.

Nanophotonics: Coursera

As a part of research for nanotechnology, I was exposed to nano photonics, this really captured my interest and made me research further, right now I am working on a nano photonics course on coursera!


A huge component of nanotechnology is the fabrication of these nano sensors and materials, I have been delving super deep into the fabrication as it will have a huge impact on Genis(a nanotech startup I am currently working on with another innovator at TKS)

Blockchain & AI Development

Apart from my passion in nanotechnology, I am also on the side, learning about the intersection between blockchain and AI as I have previously focused on both of these exponential technologies, I will be publishing articles on this so stay tuned!

Curing All Diseases and Viruses

At TKS, the last three sessions were moonshot hackathon sessions, we were in groups and were challenged to think 10x and come up with a moonshot company! Ayaan and I were working on Revive, which is a biotechnology company aimed at curing all viral infections leveraging lysine proteins! Check out more in our article!


Genis Landing Page!

Check out the Landing Page

If you missed out on my last newsletter, I am currently working on a startup which leverages nanotechnology to disrupt gene sequencing, the company is called Genis and the landing page is finally out, stay tuned as we are continuously updating our site with our new findings! Right now I am working on this with Ayaan, another innovator at TKS.

What's Next?

Next month, I am going to continue working hard at my passion in nanotech and its applications with various other exponential technologies and sciences. I willl be working on courses, publishing articles, attending conferences as well as working on the startup, Genis. In addition, I will be pursuing my passion in the intersection between blockchain and AI and will also be publishing articles regarding this intersection. Stay tuned for more next month!

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