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Double Down

June 2017 Top 50

The no 1. Best Seller for June was “The Clever Guts Diet: How to Revolutionise Your Body From the Inside Out”, selling 980 copies. Following this, and new to the top 50 list was  “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” with 616 copies sold. Also new to the list was “The World’s Worst Children (#2)”, the brilliant follow-up to David Walliams’ bestseller “The World’s Worst Children”!

See the full list here...

Brisbane, Australia

Vote on what you would like us to do next

Suggestions on what we should do to improve Circle are now in. You can now influence the priorities by voting for what you would like done.

Each store gets 3 votes. Look at the list of suggested improvements and simply reply to this email with your votes.

See suggested improvements here


Early in June we rolled out the last part of the agency addition. This removed the distributor connection to publisher and required resetting it to agency.

The month has been pretty much devoted to perfecting and improving this. Thank you for bearing with us while we went through this.

The benefit is that you can now get supplier (agency) reports and it will make distributor management easier.

What is an agency? An agency is the organisation that has distribution rights for a publisher/imprint in a region. The system assumes that an agency will use one distributor who will stock and deliver the titles.

Normally agencies do have a single distributor but there are exceptions to this. In some cases there is a 'sales agency' but the titles are stocked and delivered by someone else.

In the sales agency situation our advice is to split the agency as required. For example Bookreps in NZ represent New Holland who are distributed by PDL and Hardy Grant who are distributed by United. In this case you would make two agencies, a RRUnited and a BRPDL so that you can connect them to the correct distributors but still retain the information about who the agency is.

In the future we could look at adding an exception system that would enable you to link agency and publisher to a different distributor. This is something that we can discuss at the next Circle user meeting in Auckland in August.

See > All new features and improvements with video walkthroughs

New Website release Tuesday 4th July

The transition to the new website is not going to be as abrupt or difficult as the agency change as you can change over as and when you are ready, following the push to production. We will keep the old version as an option for a period to give everyone time to make necessary updates and change over to the new version. 

Some shops are ready to go now so we need to move forward with this. My advice is to let the early adopters deploy and test for real and then follow. This is another major update and I expect there to be a period of fixing and improving, much like we had with agency.

The plan is to push tomorrow on Tuesday 4th after hours.

We have now completely separated the beta and production versions of the site so if you would like to move forward with the changeover you can get your site prepared on beta without impacting the live version.

If you need a graphic designer here's a list that have experience working on Circle sites. 


Release and tidy

  • New Website

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer

  • Further SEO and website performance monitoring
  • Bootstrap 3 upgrade in the back office (Currently in design phase)

New things we want to make a start on

  • Rails 4 upgrade
  • New customer order picking interface
  • Gardners P&A integration

Beyond the next month

  • Use of docker to automatically add servers based on demand

Tyro Deal

Tryo are offering to cut 10% off your eftpos transaction fees and are offering 6 months free terminal rental. This will add up to be a significant sum for many so if you are interested in moving to integrated eftpos or want to save some money call Lucius on 02 8907 1778 or email Click here for more details.

Unfortunately still no interest from Tryo on Mac support. We are going to have to look somewhere else for that.

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