IBM : BigData Architect

BigData Architect : IBM

IBM C2090-102: IBM Big Data Architect : Total 240 Questions

IBM  C2090-102: IBM Big Data Architect :  Total 240 Questions : Highest number of Questions : 95% Questions with explanations

This is a multiple choice exam conducted by IBM for a BigData Architect. IBM also has Hadoop framework known as BigInsight and they will be asking Question based on BigInsight, however it is very similar to Hadoop only, because they are using Apache Hadoop framework only. As you know, IBM is the oldest and one of the matured software vendor and they have more penetration in the Industry, compare to any other BigData vendor. Hence, certifying yourself as a BigData Architect for IBM, ceratinly have high value in industry. Hence, to preapre you for this certification, HadoopExam is providing in total 240 Questions. Go through with each question as well as its explanation, close to 95% questions have in depth explanation or relevant statement , to justify the answer.. Also, before appearing in real exam, please drop an email. If there are any update with regards to the exam we have, then we will share with you. So practice these all 240 questions and clear this certification exam and become an IBM certified BigData Architect. There is no doubt that certification has higher value compare to not certified candidate.. you have heard in your organization.. this person is certified on this.. so it really matter during interview and while working in a company to have exclusive impression by having certifications. We have more material for various certifications and trainings.. check here

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