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Happy July!

It is the mission of Hounds & Jackals to raise awareness of mental health issues via board games. The key way of doing this is via embedding education and reflective experiences in the games produced. However, spotlighting and finding ways to support organizations that help people with the conditions the games attempt to address is another.

In the BEAST OF GÉVAUDAN, which focuses on psychological trauma, a major game element is the use of animals to help offset the effects of fear, terror, and horror. Thus, Dr. Ballon thought that it would be a natural thing to raise awareness of the use of therapeutic/service dogs who help people with PTSD.

Dr. Ballon will be sponsoring a Puppy in Training for placement in one of National Service Dogs' (NSD) core programs. Members of the Hounds and Jackals community (the email list you are on) will be invited to suggest names for the Puppy. During the Kickstarter Campaign, anyone who backs the game can also vote on the top names. Updates of the puppy going through life and training will be shared with the community, along with getting a chance to understand further the value of animals and their beneficial effect on mental health. Please note, Dr. Ballon’s funding of the program is separate from the raising of funds to produce the game. Regardless of any crowdfunding success or failure, Dr. Ballon will sponsor the puppy. Please note: Hounds and Jackals has no official partnership or tacit connection with NSD.

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Beast of Gévaudan Updates
First game in development: Beast of Gévaudan - Click here for a Sneak Peek!

The Beast of Gévaudan homepage now has an Atelier section, where sample draft materials of the game are on display for your consideration.

* The core content of the game is currently 99% finished, and the art ~80% done at this time. Dr. Ballon is working on the bonus Psychological Trauma-informed Game Design document, which will be a download available to all who obtain the game.

* The game is in the process of being converted into a module for the Table Top Simulator on Steam. It is aimed to be ready for people to playtest in October 2020 for a Halloween treat!

* We are now building up social media and awareness to engage and grow the Hounds & Jackals community. If all goes well, we hope to launch the Kickstarter in December 2020 to raise funds for the physical printing of the game.

How you can Help!

In addition to any feedback and thoughts for helping with the campaign, it would be greatly appreciated to spread the word about this project to anyone who may be interested! The more people support the project, the better chance of it succeeding!

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