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Women Empowered Global (WEG) is an internationally acclaimed global movement that works with award-winning experts from around the world to design knowledge tools as part of a localized strategy to help women in business, STEM and corporate professions achieve leadership goals more effectively and efficiently. We offer integrated leadership services including coaching, mentoring and growth accelerator programs to empower women with mindset-reset tools and skill building initiatives to unlock hidden potential and achieve and aspire to greater success, fulfillment and opportunity in their life. To date, we have presence in 20 countries USA, UK, Colombia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Australia, Philippines, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, India and Sri Lanka and work with over 34 award-winning global partners to empower women for leadership and higher performance.


A message from CEO

Hey Ladies,

To kick it off, here's a big shout out to all the amazing women in our networks who are moms, boss ladies, and everything in between! If you're a woman and believe in empowerment for yourself and other women around you, then you're in the right place.


I am so excited to announce that we have expanded our global reach now to 20 countries. We have tied up with some brilliant minds from around the globe to bring to you easily accessible knowledge building and personal development learning tools. This includes our online academy, the HeartTalk podcast and the Business Incubator for Women! Our global core team has also been steadily expanding as we attract some of the most passionate people who truly want to be and see a difference in this world. 


BIG NEWS: On HeartTalk this month, we are featuring an exclusive with Dame Shellie Hunt. Dame Shellie Hunt’s gift of transformational impact has taken her clients beyond motivation, to lasting results through teaching the precise “How to” in the designs of your success from the inside out. Shellie has shared the stage with some of the top human potential and business speakers in the world and is a lead mentor in the Billionaire Adventure Club. She has appeared on national talk and radio shows with audiences in the millions and has been mentioned in Her appearances are numerous from CBS, ABC, USA Today, CBS MoneyWatch, Beyond the Dow, HLN and many others. For over 25 years Shellie Hunt has specialized in personal improvement and corporate leadership trainings. She has worked with major corporations to include Time Warner, M3, The Young Entrepreneurs Society, VH1, Pacific Electric, and Kimberly Clark to name a few. Read on for interview.


Read on for inspiration to get you through this month empowered and motivated.

Everything we do at Women Empowered Global is to inspire, empower & transform, and help you become your best version to live your dream. Never stop believing in yourself. Never stop investing in yourself.


I am your biggest fan!


Global Speaker, Leadership Trainer

& Certified Coach

CEO, Women Empowered Global

President - African Women Leadership Forum

Advisory Council - Global Women Economic Forum

Board Director - McQuire Rens Group

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January 2019 updates

Inspirational speech at the "VARNA" Conference

Our CEO Senela was the Special Guest Speaker at the “Varna” conference organized by NSBM Green University; empowering university students to set specific intentions, Dream big, Be passionate and seek a profound purpose-driven life and ambition.

Senela gave an empowering motivational talk on the power of passion, and having a life and ambition built around purpose and positive attitude.

“Enjoy the daily victories big and small and be mindful about self-talk because you ultimately become what you have been telling yourself all along!” - Senela Jayasuriya, CEO Women Empowered Global.

Social Enterprise & Social Finance panel discussion

Our CEO Senela Jayasuriya was invited to share her inspiration at the panel discussion on “Creating opportunities for youth” at the 2nd International conference on Social Enterprise and Social Finance. The panel was moderated by Doug Graham, Country Director of World University Service of Canada (WUSC). Other panelists were Charles Conconi (You Lead), Sudarshana Jayasundara (ADB) and Kulunu Thamara Jayamanne (UNDP). 


Upcoming events

Saturday, February 23, 2019 7:00 PM +0530


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Quick tips from the Boldness Coach, USA

Being a working woman and multitasking can feel overwhelming sometimes! Looking for some quick powerful motivation to get through your week or day?  Then this is the place for you.

Women Empowered Global's online series 'Think a Minute' returns with more inspiring and powerful episodes featuring our award-winning Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson (USA).


If you feel like you need to get back on track, and find your level of bold, then tune in for a new episode every week.

If you haven't seen the latest episodes yet, click HERE to be inspired NOW.


Follow the episodes with the tag  #WEGThinkaMinute on Facebook.


A leadership series with Sonja Klopčič

Sonja is our global partner in Slovenia. She brings to you - 'Ideas for Leaders', Inspirational, practical and very useful tips for you to improve yourself as a leader and inspire others. She is the author of the book "The Energy inside leadership".


Sonja is a developer of new era leadership, and describes real business stories with a personal touch. Follow this column in our monthly digest for leadership tips to help you be instrumental and more impactful in your walk in leadership.

Leadership Tip: 122 Words In The Abecedarium of Leadership For The New Era

March was the month of a co-creating the Abecedarium of Leadership for the new era. Until now, the process included 49 active contributors and together we gathered 122 words. It is with great pleasure that I introduce our collection of words that define the leadership of the new era:

A: ability, acknowledgement, actions, activity, admit failure, agility, authenticity, autonomy,
B: brightness
C: change, clarity, co-decision making, co-creation, coexistence, coherence, collaboration, comanagement, communication, community, compassion, confidence, contributing, create,
D: dare, decision-making, depth, desire, determination, diligence, directness, dreams
E: ecosystem, empathy, encouragement, energy,
F: fearless, flexibility, flow, fluidity, freedom, freshness, focus, future generations
G: gratitude, groundedness, growth
H: happiness, harmony, heartedness, honesty, humility
I: incisiveness, integration, integrity, interdependence, intuitiveness
L: laughter, leading by example, light, lightness, love
M: mission, modification
O: openness to new and different, optimism
P: participation, passion, perseverance, presence, professionalism, purity
Q: quest
R: reality / realization, relationships, relaxation, respect, responsibility, reward
S: selectivity, self, self-awareness, self-belief, self-criticism, self-development, self-esteem, selffulfillment, self-improvement, self-initiative, self-management, self-organizing, self-realization, selfreflection, sentiment, sense, serving the higher good, simplicity, solidarity, spontaneity, structure,
sun, symbiosis, sympathy, synchronicity, synchronic state, synchrony, synergy, synthesis, syntropy
system, systematic approach
T: team, time conscious, tolerance, transparent, trust
U: ubiquitous
V: vision
W: weaving, wholeness, width, wisdom

Be creative. Enrich the business language with new words.

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