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Issue 5 • March 12, 2018

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  1. Heck and Joy Poetry Workshop
  2. On the Syllabus
  3. Hither and Yons
  4. Hey Y'all?
  5. Hey What?

1. Heck and Joy Poetry Workshop

Heck and Joy Poetry is an online workshop in which participants read and write poetry—just for the heck and joy of it.

This is not an academic class. This is not about publishing. Prior experience with poetry is not required. I believe poetry, like language, belongs to everyone, and this workshop is for anyone and everyone interested in poetry.

How this workshop works:

  • For four weeks we’ll read and write together in a private Facebook group.
  • Each week a workbook of reading and writing exercises is emailed to each participant. There are follow up discussions on facebook about the workbook exercises.
  • There will be two Facebook Live Q & As.  
  • Each writer will give and get feedback from the other class participants on their work.
  • Each writer will get personalized feedback from Cherri on four poems.
  • We will grow a community of good people who want to nurture each other.
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Early bird tuition is $75 per person. There is also a twofer deal. Sign up with a friend and get $25 off each enrollment. Click the blue button above for more details.

2. On the Syllabus

image of credits for rbg documentary

3. Hither and Yons

4. Hey y'all?

Hey y’all,

On the blog this week I wrote about how authenticity is an ongoing process of inquiry, not a static state of being.

A person isn’t one day all of a sudden authentic, nor is authenticity something we achieve through accumulated effort. 

There is so much to unpack about authenticity, but the thing I really want you to take away right now is this: to be authentic is an act of resistance.

Click to read more about authenticity.

I also posted a new poem about how depression makes us complicity in its lies.

I am a delight. I promise.


5. Hey What?

  • I tried a slightly different format this week. Any thoughts? 
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