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People aren’t as unique as they want to believe. Nearly all of us have been in a situation where we’re walking around town and we spot someone who looks exactly like a friend of ours. Or even us. Open full post

It is mind-boggling how much packaging can be used for even the tiniest things. There’s so much packaging that you could almost build a fort out of the trash! Open full post

Karma works in mysterious ways and can make your day end on a wholesome note, even if you did something wrong. Open full post

A rock in West Omaha is catching everyone's attention for its ability to wreck cars. That's right, this is not a Hollywood movie pitch, I'm talking about a rock, not The Rock. Open full post

HomeAdvisor designers have created a new project to illustrate how interior design has evolved over the past 600+ years. Open full post

Having the same phone as millions of other people doesn't really say a whole lot about you. So what do you do when you want to make it personal? You customize it. Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger did just that and got his new iPhone a case. But not just any case. He picked one that features him in the movie Commando, and people are applauding his sense of humor. Open full post

There's a lot of stuff you learn about parenting along the way. The wisdom you've gathered that you wish you could share with your younger self. Open full post

The Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition has been held for forty-five years now, celebrating the mesmerizing microscopic world and allowing scientists and enthusiasts alike to share their scientific and stunning images. Open full post

Renowned actress Blake Lively wished her husband of 7 years Ryan Reynolds a very happy 43rd birthday by posting a humorous photo of the two of them together. Open full post

The National Basketball Association (NBA) isn't political; it's a business. But lately, the league has been caught up in the Hong Kong-Mainland China conflict.  Open full post

Let's be honest, nobody enjoys when their home gets infested by cockroaches. Not only do these insects make many of us squeamish, they are also resilient and fast-breeding, making them the most unwanted guests in our homes and gardens. But getting rid of cockroaches is not easy and a Brazilian man named Cesar Schmitz learned that the hard way, after his attempt resulted in an explosion. Open full post

A survey shows that 16 percent of millennials have 100,000 dollars or more saved up. You probably just reacted much the same as the rest of the internet. Open full post

It‘s not everyday someone dares to step out of line, but when one does, they usually make sure not to get caught. But surely enough, not everyone is this careful. Open full post

Imagine you're ordering a meal. Or writing the sweetest text to your crush. Or even making the perfect presentation to your colleagues. Suddenly the words simply stop... coming. Or worse, you start spitting random jibberish that makes absolutely no sense. Open full post

Recently, a heartstopping video showing a couple and their baby being just seconds away from death went viral. Shared by The Phoenix Police Department, the footage shows a miraculous escape the family made when one woman blocked the drunk driver's car from running them over. The chilling crash took place around 10 p. Open full post

Comic Con New York 2019 has passed, but cosplay never stops. Pictures of cosplayers in their favorite superhero (or supervillain) attire from this year’s NYCC are still surfacing on the Internet. Open full post

"This is a pro-vaxx page sharing information about all aspects of vaccination. Questions are welcome, but unsubstantiated claims will be treated with the scepticism they deserve. If you want to disagree, bring science and evidence." Open full post

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