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Who wants a cupcake?

Fortunate Cookie


I'm Cookie Lamont--and yes, Cookie is the name my parents saddled me with when I was born. They've never explained their reasoning, but perhaps the name nudged me to my profession. I'm a baker. But not cookies. I specialize in cupcakes sold from my small shop in Olde Town Spencer. Between my delicious cupcakes and the specialty coffees, business is good. Sometimes I'm afraid it's too successful. There's little time now in my life for just me.

Normally that wouldn't be a big deal. I like being busy. But then a man walked into my shop early one morning. Meeting Anthony Burnham changed everything I thought I wanted out of life. Now each time I'm with him, I find myself redefining my priorities, and that's so unlike me.

Dare I hope he feels the same way about me?

Fortunate Cookie will be available August 2020
Aspen Gold Publishing News

Life gets in the way. For all of us--including the hard working authors of the Aspen Gold series. Caring for our families, our jobs, and ourselves has taken a toll on our writing time this year.

So we created a new publishing schedule to be able to bring you the best stories ever!  

And keep watching this space for surprises!

Mark your calendars with these new release dates:

Stay A Little Longer--May 2020

Close to the Heart--June 2020

Finding Hope--July 2020

Fortunate Cookie--August 2020

Whisper My Name--October 2020

Gorgeous Scars--December 2020

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