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Well who would have thought?

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I ask that question 'who would have thought' because when I started Talking Teens I just didn't know if there would be a need for things like newsletters, Facebook groups, socials or commentary from me other than a blog. And here we are! I am pretty chuffed about it.

The diversity of people who have reached out to Talking Teens has shown that yes, we as parents of teens have some pretty tough stuff to deal with on occasion, but there is also a need for there is be a community where we can say "Is anyone else feeling like this?" for those WTA(F) moments.  I have, however, developed a number of different platforms which all have their own 'flavour'. Some are a bit 'tongue in cheek' for those of us who want a giggle (Insta and Twitter for eg) and then there is the Closed FB group Talking Teens Not Alone,  where the tone is a little more serious and support focused.

The purpose of the newsletter is to share a little of what has been going on in the world of Talking Teens, a look at trending teen topics, and some of the highlights of the last four weeks - a snapshot shall we say? As the community grows, there will be more growth in Talking Teens - my brain hurts with all the stuff I want to do! 

So, sit back with your Mother's Day cuppa (or are your teens all still asleep like mine??) and enjoy the read. 

(oh, and yay me! I got this done before Mothers Day! At least you know there won't be a noodle card in sight this year! ha ha)


Trending in Teens

13 Reasons Why

It is the Netflix show that has dominated news stories for the last few weeks, I am sure everyone has heard about it. The premise is a girl leaves tapes to thirteen people she feels is responsible for her decision to end her life. The show has been criticized for the graphic content and for fear the show may 'inspire' teens to take their lives. So much so, that even our kid's school sent a letter advising parents NOT to let our teens watch it! Not sure how I feel about a school council making that decision for me? 

The counter opinion of the show is that is has opened a dialogue for teens and parents to talk about very serious issues. Headspace reported a spike in calls to their helpline - which I can assume is a good thing as that shows teens are REACHING OUT! Reports have shown large percentages of parents who have watched the show with their teens were able to discuss youth suicide more openly. Again, that has to be a good thing in my book.

Those concerned about the show state that it glorifies suicide and could be a trigger for a contagion - copycat acts. Even one copycat act is one too many, but given that youth suicide is a huge concern, I hope this show does promote discussion and opens doors for parents and teens to talk about how to actually deal with challenging circumstances in life without the need that loss of life. The concept of suicide as revenge does bother me greatly.  Almost every generation has one movie that depicts the dark corners of teen lives. Does anyone remember Less Than Zero? There are plenty of opportunities during 13 Reasons Why to stop the show and say 'let's discuss what happened there'.

Do you think the risk of copy-cat acts are worth the open doors of discussion? Do you think that schools should be stating that parents should not allow their teens to watch it? Would you use 13 Reasons Why as a social educational tool? 

Talking Teens Update

FB Closed Group

During the last few months a few things have happened in my home that I really wanted to talk to the Talking Teens community about, however, my teens are 'likers' of the TT page and I could not risk 'embarrassing' them by saying anything. Knowing that a public page is not the place to discuss some things, I decided that a closed group was in order. Sign ups were swift and some of the discussions have been very real for many of us. It has been great to see the support between members. You guys rock! If you are not already there, click on the image to go directly to the page request. Love to see you there x


Insta is a new playroom for Talking Teens. This is the forum where I am keeping things light: a giggle here, a WTF there. Raising teens should not always be about the tough stuff, there are times when taking the piss or sharing a WTF moment that can diffuse a challenging time. If you have any funny quote or 'grab' that you hear or experience that you think could make others laugh, then send it in (no names mentioned).  So, if you are on Instagram, click on the image above and it will take you to the Talking Teens Instagram page. Give us a follow and a share - sharing is caring x  


It is not all about the numbers, but I am pretty excited that Talking Teens Facebook page is ticking along nicely. We clocked over 600 likers the other day and I must admit, it made me feel good. I am not one for collecting 'likes' - I want to know that people who like the page are doing so because they want to! I must admit, I do enjoy posting and I even did a video last week! That is HUGE for me!  It is below if you want to take a look (no makeup or bra btw. soz-not soz)  If I promise not to do that too often will you share the page once a week?     Will TT get to 1000 likes by Dec 2017? 

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Talking Teens are not only on socials!

There have been a few changes on the Talking Teens website, but not as many as I wish I could magically happen immediately. It sometimes feels like I will be talking to your grandchildren about raising their teens (actually I hope I am still). Anyway, step by step things will get done.    (I want to do soooo much more!)  But what I can confirm is that there is a really cool FREE download on Screen-agers! and the E-Course #10Days2TeenTalk  (only $19.95) are both on the website ready for you to consume.

I am also working on a Bonus 'chapter' of the communication course that is focused on having Difficult Conversations. I am excited about how in-depth this one is with tips from experts and some powerful anecdotes from parents who have had these types of conversations: what they did well, and what they would do differently. Very excited about the release of that one! 

The current version of Avery Magazine was released last month with my article on gap years: Don't Mind The Gap Some exciting things happening for Avery in the next few months, so if you are not already catching this mag (digital version online and free hard copies in South Australia at Foodland stores) get into it! As of next edition, I will be one of the resident experts woo hoo! 

On the topic of being an expert (and really, who really is an 'expert'? Our teens know that as soon as we know something, things change immediately, so let's use the term loosely), I was asked to chat with ABC radio's Jules Schiller the other day as his daughter had turned 13 and he was suddenly no longer cool to her. I am sure he will survive! 


Your Talking Teens

As mentioned previously, Talking Teens now has a closed Facebook group 'Talking Teens: Not Alone'. One topic that generated a fair amount of conversation was Mother Guilt. 

Confession: I suffer from Mother Guilt. I remember freaking out when my kids were just bubbies that if they get bullied or have depression as teens, it would be a direct result of something I had (or had not) done.

Now they are teens, I still freak out that I could completely f&$k them up at any point! I have been told by my insightful (smartie) Eldest that his 'shit' is his and that it is 'not all about you mum!' (Ha ha)

I half-jokingly say that you can make a parenting mistake when they are 6 and you can fudge your way through and they may not notice...but make a mistake at 16 and all hell can break loose! I don't think parents of younger kids 'get' just how challenging raising teens is- or if they do, I am not sure they REALLY understand WHY/HOW it is so tough.

....Yep totally agree i dont know if i am looking back with rose tinted glasses but the younger years seemed so much easier!

....Mum of 18 boy, 15.5 girl and 11.5 boy .I totally agree that its much more mentally challenging raising teens. Bring back changing nappies, knowing your kids are safe in their home, cuddles and play! I swear i too suffer mum guilt. Everyday i worry about if what i have said /done could be F&$king them up. I reassure my self "they will be fine, they will be fine" as i sip my wine at night.

....I agree with everyone so far! I didn't have children for so long largely due to worry about fucking them up and now I just have to do my best as a single parent. Easy to look back with rose tinted glasses but one consolation is that I can now sleep in on weekends - in fact I have to try really hard to get my 15 year old out of bed!!



#10Days2TeenTalk E-Course

So , this brings us to the end of the first Talking Teens newsletter. I hope you enjoyed! I am passionate about bringing to people positive and insightful concepts and ideas with the goal of making raising teens not only a positive one for you and your teen but also to enrich your understanding of where you are on this journey personally. 

I am passionate about bringing to people positive and insightful concepts and ideas with the goal of making raising teens not only a positive one for you and your teen but also to enrich your understanding of where you are on this journey personally. As wanky as it may sound, I really love having you with me here at Talking Teens. I want you to know that I genuinely care about you and your desire to have the best relationship with your teen.

Until next time....

Love Jo x

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