It takes teamwork to make the dream work...

Collaboration vs. Competition
for More Success

Collaboration is the key to lifelong success. In fact, if you want to succeed in life, you need to shift your mindset away from competition toward collaboration.

Why is Collaboration so Important?

The importance of teamwork is an absolute necessity for success  and good relationships in this age of technology.

Reflect: Do you want to compete with those with whom you work and with people you love—or collaborate with them?

In order to win when you compete, someone has to lose; such is the nature of competition.

We are taught to compete from our earliest days, and we believe that we must compete to succeed. We are told that competition is part of human nature, that it brings out the best in us, that it’s for fun (for the winners) and builds character (for the losers).

There is no doubt that competition improves performance. I play a type of Great Highland Bagpipe music referred to as Pibroch (English spelling) that only about eight percent of pipers play. There is no doubt that I would not have put hours (my wife says, “years”) into this type of music without the underlying motivation of competing.

However, when it comes to productivity, working with others is what really matters. Even professionals have coaches.

Since I have spent decades teaching, I am still optimistic that one day educators will realize that, although COMPETITION IMPROVES PERFORMANCE, when it comes to LEARNING, COLLABORATION is significantly more effective.

Tip: Focus on collaboration, rather than competition for teaching, learning, and better relationships. The more you collaborate, the more equipped you will be will be for successes in life.

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