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Postcard from Barbara

Lessons From a 10-Year-Old

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Postcard from Barbara

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with watching entrepreneurial spirit in action. I interrogate anyone I meet who is self-employed. I pay attention to self-employed people when I see them going about their business. Teachers are everywhere if we’re looking for them.

What I hadn’t expected was how much I would learn from my grandson Zach. He’s currently 10 years old and is on opportunity alert much of the time. Unlike the adults I hear who say things like, “Yeah, I’d like to travel, but I don’t have the money,” Zach has figured it out.

His approach is 1) decide what you want, 2) find out what it would take, 3) find a way to earn the money. He’s currently working on a fairly large goal so his willingness to work is higher than ever.

I keep thinking about a study I read several years ago that found that most kindergarteners thought very much like entrepreneurs. Sadly, by fourth grade they had lost that creative approach to solving problems and instigating action.

Happily, Zach didn’t get the memo. I’m sharing two recent stories that got a big response from my Facebook friends. Take a look.

Lessons From a 10-Year-Old

Can't stop thinking about something that happened at our family gathering last Saturday. Before we left for Ventura, we made a stop at Target since Zach had decided he needed a kite to fly. He dashed in and got 2 of them so Noah and he could fly them at the park we were headed to.

However, there wasn't even a ripple of wind when we arrived. Zach was not defeated, however. He got his bike out of the car, attached the kite to the seat, and suddenly was peddling past us with the kite flying high in the air. We were so amazed that nobody thought to take a picture.

I'm not sure I'll ever forget the look of satisfaction on Zach's face as he rode past us. I now know what confidence on two wheels looks like in real life.

On Tuesday, he had a half day at school so decided he’d like to spend the afternoon doing some chores for me. We began by negotiating his fee and shaking on it. Then he got to work and spent spent 90 minutes shredding old receipts.

When he finished, he began looking for more odd jobs. I pointed out that he’d already done quite a big project, but he wasn’t about to waste valuable time.  "I just want to do as much as I can wherever I am,” he explained.  He ended up sweeping and mopping my balcony.

I suspect he’s going to spend his life leaving things better than he found them. I’m going to pay close attention and keep taking notes.

The Ageless Woman

Susan Matyas has gathered a wonderful group of women for her free online seminar. She posts one interview a day and today’s episode is *Turning Personal Experiences Into Profit Centers *with me. Watch the video and you can even see my cluttered bookshelves.

Watch Here

Got Wanderlust?

When Linda Ragan contacted me about creating a seminar for women who are or want to be full-time RVers, I got excited. We have our first all-day event coming up in Las Vegas on May 15.

Although the details and registration information won’t be posted for a few more days, you can follow Linda’s Facebook page to get the scoop as soon as we have it posted.

Visit Changing Lanes With Ms. Linda

Thank You

I was thrilled with the response to the pre-price increase for *Winning Ways.* Thank you to everyone who joined the tribe and those who renewed their current subscriptions. My 33rd Anniversary issue will be arriving soon from the printer and it’s loaded with great ideas and information for making your Joyfully Jobless Journey a delight.

And, of course, you can become a subscriber at the still affordable price.

Love to have you along.

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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