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We Do Not Sleep

Of winding roads we walk.
To lying folk we talk.
To our great deeds we flock.
Toward a death we stalk.
And though we fear,
And though we weep,
We will not stop,
We do not sleep.

This is the mantra of the Cult of Juhut in the monastery of Iron Leaf in the province of Sax in the nation of Teretal. They are a group of monks bent on the domination of their goddess and the fall of the Ghost Lands in the project I am working on called The Raksa Genocide. This mantra helps to focus the monks and lay out for them a lifestyle that gives them hope and motivation.

I find myself thinking about it today as I plan my return to writing.

Earlier this year I wrote my autobiography Reality of an Unreal Mind and in its creation I found myself ripping parts of my past open and feeling the sting. When you look at a lifetime of pain and abuse, and you set it all out to make some sense of it, you tear open wounds that need to be healed, that need to be seen to and need to be handled with care. Though I finished this book in March, I have spent the last few months putting myself and my household back together, and in the effort, I have had to take time off of fantasy writing.

But I’m back now and with my return I find myself dwelling on these words. As fantasy writers, or writers of any genre, we walk a road filled with darkness and pain. We fight a battle for supremacy over our emotions and motivation. We face discouragement and long hours in worlds of our own creation that are not always safe for our well-being and our ego. I find, when I talk to my writer friends about their work and the lifestyle they must create for themselves, that they are in many ways saying in different words this mantra to me.

So I embrace these words as I walk back into the world I belong in and begin the work I am meant to be doing.

I will not stop,
I do not sleep.

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