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Dear Friends and Supporters, we bring to you a video contest, two rescues and several new updates on our work on this newsletter.

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We made it to Techsoup Storymakers 2017

We summited our Three Year Look Back video to the contest with the aim of getting more attention from the public as long as building of capacity in story-telling. 

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From November 1, 2017 to November 20, 2017, you can vote for us to win People's Choice Award by visiting the link and click on the blue button below our video.

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The stories need to be told

Thirty two pangolins rescued

Last month, 32 pangolins were found under the cover of a tourist bus, together with 69 turtles and other animal product. We arrived the confiscation site right on the night, brought back the pangolins and put them in our best condition quarantine. 

 Unfortuantly, two poor pangolins could not make it over the first week as their skins were injured badly. The good news is that the other 30 are doing awesome and getting ready to be released within the couple weeks.

More updates can be found here.

Three otters found

Right after the pangolin rescue, we got notified about three otters needing help in Nam Dinh city. We made it to the scene right after the paperwork get through but could only bring back one as the other died of exhaustion. 

Since then, the otter has been under our team close care and showed some significant development in healing process. 

Update on Bo

Do you remember this unfortunate creature from last month?

Hai, our vet, did a fantastic job in surgery, leaving the pangolin with minimum scars. As it turned out, losing one limb does not stop Po from wandering around, even climbing.

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New project: Pu Mat National Park

Coming soon

In the end of October, the board members from Pu Ma National Park paid us a visit in order to gain deeper knowledges of our current activities and also discuss a chance for further collaboration in the near future. The final meeting was finished with positive comments from both sides, promising a bright vision of upcoming project in rescuing wildlife and habitat protection. 

New member, new friends

Meet Linh

Vu Thuy Linh is our new education outreach intern, joining the team to work and learn in the second season of our Kids project: Valuing Nature in Childhood Program

Linh graduated from National Economics University and had some experience working the children by volunteering for different social projects. 

Let's talk!

We just create a new Facebook group for you - our active supporters and friends all over the world. Recently we found that Facebook page is no longer an effective tool to connect people like it used to be. Joining this small group, we can have some friendly, open discussions about conservation together as long as get more frequent update from our team. 

Thank you!

It was an amazing month to look at with full of new experience and knowledge gained. We would like to send a warm thank you from Vietnam to everyone who invoked, making all these achievement happen. 

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