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AURORA Highlights
February 2020
Unfold Possibility and let your Passion flow!
Passion and Possibility

February is a perfect month to reflect on the beauty around us, and the things that we love, to bring us into a space of possibility.  The intertwining of love—passion, even—and possibility. Of course we have Valentine’s Day, and all the love and passion celebrated mid-month. But earlier than that, February 2nd, is celebrated in the Celtic tradition as Imbolc. It’s a holiday marking the arriving whispers of spring, welcoming the as-yet invisible life beginning to push its way through the to surface of the still-frozen earth.

All that effort to push through the cold times, present in each blade of grass and winter tree bud, demonstrates what seems to be a passion for life that is woven into the cells of living things like us.

So it is worthwhile to remember– to remember on purpose—the things that kindle our passion. So what does it? What does this for you?

At Aurora, we love getting to see this unfolding of passion and possibility, for so many people. Sometimes it’s in response to a pose that catches your attention, or an experience that comes during meditation. Sometimes things push to the surface in conversations after class. We love hearing about the things that bring you joy in your practice and in your life, and the possibilities that announce themselves when you pay attention to that joy. And we thank you for sharing it all with us.

Let's keep that Passion and Possibility flowing, Live Everyday Sacred, Namaste.

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Art Sessions the next 5 Sundays from 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Unleash your Passion for Creativity

Local Artist and Instructor, Pegi McGillivray, will be hosting the following 5 sessions to unleash your Passion for Creativity!

A Guided Practice - Paint Sessions

Every Sunday in February from 1 - 4 pm

Each Sunday in February we will explore a different strategy into the subconscious world of imagery while developing understandings in colour theory, composition and technique.

I AM Creative - Smoke Drawing Session

Sunday, March 1st from 1 - 4 pm

Unleash your creative potential by exploring the magic of smoke drawing. Connect with your imaginative intuition and subconscious by playing with the element of fire.

This is perfectly safe and fun!

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Unleash your Passion for Sisterhood

Feb 4th 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Oracle/Tarot Card Readings

Oracle and Tarot cards are a form of divination, which literally means working with the divine, or your higher self.  When used together, the cards can provide you with a glimpse or outlook into yourself and your future.

Feb 18th 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Runes are basically an alphabet of primitive symbols that represent different insights into divination than other tools, such as numerology and tarot.

A rune reading is great for on the spot, quick yet in-depth answers to your everyday questions. If you want to know if the job interview you are about to attend will be successful, a rune reading can give you insight into not only if you will get the job, but how happy you will be, how prosperous and the future of the career that lies ahead of you.

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Feb 11th 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Unleash your Passion to Love

Open your Heart to Valentines!
During this week of Valentine’s Day, we honour the holiday with a theme brimming full of love. Not necessarily for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other love; Today we are celebrating that full-on unabashed love we all need to give ourselves.
This love shouldn’t just be commemorated on Valentine’s Day, but each and every day of the year. I’m talking about letting go of self-judgment, taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and believing in yourself

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Explore new Possibilities to Move your Body during the Day

Tuesdays/Thursdays 10:45-11:45am AND 12:00-12:40pm
Good Morning Yoga AND Do It Lunch Fitness

Morning exercise sets the mood for the day to clear the mind, and teaches us to set our intention for the rest of the day/week. Open your mind to trying something different, yet exciting and very individual.

Fridays 12:00 - 12:40 pm
Yoga Friday
End your week in the right mindset...focusing on self care. This 40 minute session will move in a flow for 30 minutes and end with a 10 minute meditation. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon leading into the weekend.
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Explore new Possibilities to Calm your Mind in the Evenings

Tuesdays 6:00 -7:00 pm
Yin Yang Yoga

Hard to resist over-indulging at Christmas - but this Yin Yang Yoga class can help with that!  We'll burn some calories by heating the body but then cool your mind right down after.

Thursdays 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Yoga for Beginners

Want to incorporate mindfulness, yoga and meditation into your daily life in 2020 but not feeling confident to dive right into a yoga class? Then this class is for you - starts with just an... inhale...then an exhale.

We'll take it slowly from there.

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Mondays 5:00 - 6:00 pm
FREE Yoga Lifestyle classes

Thank you Beatrice Wilson for sponsoring this yoga class for the months of January and February! Come try a class that is truly beneficial to every part of your being. This class will elevate your mood and energy. 

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Feb 16th 10:00-12:30 pm
Critical Alignment Therapy

Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) is highly effective way of working with injury, pain or poor physical movement patterns. CAT is a practice that integrates specific yoga props, yoga related exercises, and breath awareness to release the tension and strain, caused by stress and injury, in our body’s large surface muscles.

This therapy is an excellent practice to reduce the pain that occurs from repetitive strain injuries, back injuries, postural pain and discomfort.

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Mother Earth Connection - Ice Fishing Sunday, Feb 23rd 2:00-6:00 pm
Lots of Possible ways to Connect your Spirit!

Our body is made up of the same elements, minerals, and energy that makes up the planet. Wellness is essentially being in tune with nature and aligning ourselves with the inherent wisdom that is within each and every one of us. So this month we'd like to connect with Mother Nature by getting out onto the ice to fish and soak up the suns rays!
We’ll meet at Aurora at 2pm then drive out to Aurora’s nice warm Ice shack to fish. Bait and some gear will be provided but welcome to bring your own. Dress warm. There will be warm food and beverages served.
We’ll even do some Yoga Flow together out on the ice!

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