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December 2020

Merry Christmas

Who are we kidding?

But seriously, welcome everyone to this December Newsletter, full of surprises, including free gifts for you to download right now.

I am back in Calgary, where the cold weather makes it easier to tolerate two weeks of Covid isolation. 

David and I ordered the smallest organic turkey we could find. There are chestnuts for the stuffing, Christmas pudding on the shelf, the makings of brandy butter, and a few special presents still to buy.

Beyond those items, and more important, I have the things that the heroine of my novel The Greenleaf Project, was so desperate to find: 

meaning, purpose and people to love.

I hope that you also have the last of those, and that the resources and treats I share here help with the others.

Let's start with your present because why not!

I've made you a poster and images of one of the most popular poems from my book EXPLODE: Poetry for Activists. 

Just click the button and you can choose a PDF, or JPEGS sized to fit nicely into 5 x 7 inch frames. 

If you have the book, you will know that it has black and white illustrations, so this is your chance to enjoy the original full-colour painting that goes with the words.

I'm not going to tell you which one it is, go and see, or listen to me read it on Instagram, or on Youtube (pretty scary).

The painting is called Unquenchable Fire and was my first ever sale back in 2016.

Download now
Inspiration Roundup

One of the delightful unintended consequences of writing this newsletter is that now  I am always on the look out for good things to share with you - and there are so MANY of them!

So here's the pick of the bunch for the end of this year:

The Art of Living Well Free Home Retreat

An invitation to be nourished and supported by poetry and spiritual teachings, and to experience the deep rest and healing of the lying-down guided meditation. Twelve beautiful sessions are included.

Learn More
Creating Meaning

A beautiful 3 minute video about taking risks, making 'art', finding our voice.

"There is no such thing as not being creative"

Watch on Youtube

I have mini prints and stickers on my Art Store now!

Christmas stocking fillers anyone?

And it's not too late to type Good Omens Press into your Amazon and get a beautiful notebook, bucket list book, childhood memory book or planner as a gift (or even for yourself), or click on the image below for my other works.

Until next month, may you find joy and peace and reasons for celebration.

Let's all be Christmas angels for each other.

I would LOVE to hear from you if you liked the present! That would inspire me to do more of them!


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