Happy Almost Summer! 🎉 

And welcome to my new subscribers. I hope your year is going well so far. Can you believe it's June already? My little one is two and a half months now, and definitely a little hellion.

So, what do I have for you in this edition? How about some free books and a new book announcement! Because who doesn't want that? Keep reading to find the info. 

Free Shifter Books!

On the prowl for a new book boyfriend?

I've got you covered! I've banded together with over fifty other paranormal romance authors to give away free eBooks featuring shifters, fae, vampires and more!

How does it work?
Click the link (it will take you to the BookFunnel site), and then choose any books you'd like to download. In return, you'll be asked to sign up for that author's newsletter. 

Included in this promo is my book, Burn For You, from my Meet Your Alpha Series. It's a dragon-shifter paranormal romance with a fun matchmaking twist. Hope you enjoy it, since it's free!

The Midnight Coven

I'm excited to announce that I'll be participating in this collection! In the meantime, if you're dying for some vampire romances, you should check out the first round, the Vampire Brides, all available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

In the meantime, check out the blurb for my Vampire Mates book, Immortal Devotion, coming August 2019.

It’s an undead blood feud…and it’ll be the death of me.

We’ve all heard the stories about eternal creatures whose bite can condemn your ever-loving soul. Except, I know they’re more than just stories, even if no one believes me.

How do I know?

Hard to deny the truth when it runs through my veins. There’s nothing quite like learning about your vampiric heritage to make a girl question her very existence.

I need answers—a need that’s led me clear across the world, and straight into his path. Kristian is everything I never wanted: dangerous, broody, and, oh yeah, a vampire. But my heart’s never been one to listen to reason.

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding him, not when he’s the only one with answers. And in exchange for that information, I have to help him track down and destroy his mortal enemy.

I never meant to get tangled up in an undead blood feud, but for Kristian, I’d do anything, even if it means risking both my heart and soul…

Until next time! xoxo

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