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You don't need meetings every time.
Several people video chatting through different Apple Devices

With the increase in Work-From-Home culture, it seems that for every minor topic or discussion, folks want to jump on Zoom to discuss it; and I just know that I'm not the only one who has had unnecessary video-meetings. So the question on everyone's mind is... what about just really good presentations instead?

Presentations that are detailed and informative enough to avoid having to meet people for tiny issues.

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Loom 📈
Loom application

As the image above might indicate, Loom is a video-recording tool, that lets you record using your camera, desktop screen, and microphone at the same time

You might remember a while ago I wrote about a website that could do this too, but Loom really takes it to the next level and it's something I've wanted to cover on The Tech-Letter for a while. This is an app that makes lets you easily make your presentations far more descriptive and to-the-point.

Available for Mac, Windows, and iOS devices, the folks behind this company understand that people tend to talk faster than they typewhich is why they created an application that let you work instead of scheduling meetings.

    Showing how Loom works on desktop

    In the image above, note how I've chosen to record my screen and camera, and am given several other options (I know, I need a haircut). I don't even have to record my entire screen-- imagine you just have one section of your screen that you want to record, you can simply resize loom to record that specific portion of your screen (pro version).

    On the left of the image, you'll notice a few tools in grey icons. Once you start recording your screen/camera, you're given the option to stop your recording altogether, or simply pause it until you choose to resume recording again (which is very convenient if you forget what to say or need to plan your next move). 

    Another feature which I love way too much is the draw tool, like in the image below (pro version).

    Draw feature using Loom app

    Now of course, I've written something dumb, but it's only to illustrate (haha) my point. If you're recording Loom presentations that cover spreadsheets, documents in general, websites, or even coursework if you're a teacher/student, the draw tool allows you to draw on your screen while recording, to let your viewers know exactly what you're referring to. The alternative would be moving your mouse around like a crazy person, which we've all done.

    The second you stop recording, Loom opens up their website where you can view your recording and share the URL with other folks if needed (or even download/share on social media).

    Note: you have complete control over who has access to your video, by modifying the privacy options. Which is to say that you can choose if you want to make your video available only to folks with the URL, or if you want it to appear publicly (and you can even add a password to it).

    Loom recording after it is completed

    Best part? Every time someone accesses this video, I get an email notification. If and when you log-in to Loom's website, you can see your entire list of videos recorded and even make folders, like in your favourite Cloud service (Google Drive, iCloud, etc). 

    Speaking of logging in to your Loom account, you can even edit your video online. I don't necessarily mean adding Instagram filters, but trimming, adding call-to-action (pro version), and even thumbnails.

    Let's talk pricing. Using Loom is free, but only for the most basic features-- these include: recording up to 25 videos, recording your screen and camera, allowing comments & Instagram-like reactions to your videos, and viewer insights. For the most basic user, this should be enough. However, some of the features I've covered today, do fall under their pro plan (which I think is worth it, but it depends on your needs). Either way, you get a 14-day free trial automatically once you sign up.

    The Pro plan includes unlimited videos, the drawing tool I enjoy so much, calls-to-action, and recording specific portions of your screen. This is $10/month, but if you're a student or a teacher (.edu email), Loom Pro is 100% free for you, forever! I graduated in 2019 but still have my .edu email, which made me eligible as well.

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    Price? Free, with option for premium â­â­â­â­â­

    Format? Mac/Windows application, iOS application, Google Chrome extension â­â­â­â­â­

    Better work, less meetings
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