Melville Residents' Association

Dear Melville Community,

After a particularly difficult start to the year for Melville, the MRA Executive Committee would like to thank the Melville residents and businesses for their contributions to ensuring that Melville remains a livable, walkable, and diverse neighbourhood. Our ward councillor, Bridget Steer, has been instrumental in assisting residents with their various queries and we look forward to continued support from her in 2020.

We would like to thank the Melville residents who have been active within the MRA. Melville has had various successes this past year– from the continued cleaning of Main Road that we hope to expand to raids following a suburb-wide petition to improve by-law enforcement, which ultimately leads to the closing of illegal operations. We hope to maintain a continued effort to keep our suburb safe via by-law enforcement and open communications with businesses. As residents, we appreciate the amenities and convenience of the businesses and hope to peacefully coexist in our residential neighbourhood. As such, we hope to continue communications going further, especially as the number of liquor licenses in our neighbourhood surpasses 40.

The tragic beginning of the New Year has been met with strength and love for our community; something that makes Melville a special place in South Africa. We strive to keep Melville a safe, enjoyable neighbourhood for everyone. Any community members who wish to volunteer their time in any small way are most welcome to contact the committee with their details and interests. (

The MRA Executive Committee wishes everyone a Happy New Year and a prosperous and peaceful 2020!

MRA Executive Committee
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