It's almost the end of the year and at least for me, the holidays mean more reading time. Which means my list of top marketing book recommendations couldn't have come at a better time. I started off thinking it'll be a top 10 list, but it got to 20+ titles, split into categories depending on your marketing proficiency:

The Best Books for Marketers

Would you add anything to the list? Drop me a line and let me know!


Here's what else caught my eye these past few weeks:

Why Sites in High-Growth Industries have Terrible UX
We always strive for perfect when creating a new website. ConversionXL are the first to tell us that might not be necessary, after all. Read why in their post focused on UX and blockchain.

Please, Please Don't A/B Test That
My obsession with testing might prove to be counter-productive. Here's a nice framework that will let you know if you're making the same mistakes - after all, not every change is a good subject for an A/B test.

How to Improve Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score
Low relevance scores mean money going down the drain. You should strive to improve - not only for the sake of the Facebook algorithm but for the sake of your potential customers. Social Media Examiner shares 7 methods that work.

The Continuous Flow of Weekly Planning
An oldie, but a goldie from Intercom's blog, this post is indispensable. It will help you not just if you're managing a team of your own, but also if you're making your personal weekly planning.


Rock the rest of the week!

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