I'll make this one quick.

I've got to get back to finishing my comic book, so I feel a little guilty over these two weekends updating the Tim's Notebook website (www.timsnotebook.com).

But it was worth it. Eight more comics -potentially to buy if you feel inclined- surrounding the antics of Colt Buckshot and Jackson Dupagne, otherwise known as Double Barrel!

Yes! I've got parts 1 - 8 (the first seven pages of each) for you to view for free on my site, and as a real comic on the store site (link follows each page 7)

Who is Double Barrel?

To quote Patrick Self, the author:

"The broad premise of our comic is that two stoners save the world through a series of seemingly irrelevant events. The mood is light and the subject matter can be crude, but it's stoners after all!"

If you like movies like Pineapple Express, or anything with a 'Cheech and Chong' vibe to it then these comics are your cup of tea for sure! Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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