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What's new on the Captured blog? +
"Morning Moment"

I've taken to reading the Psalms and writing poetry in the morning before work. Read of one such morning and the invitation we all have to enter into rest.

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What have I written for the Well Christian Woman blog? +
"Why Is There Never Enough?"

Spent. Dried Up. Empty. How do we stay full and free flowing?

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What's a good book in the Reading Nook? +
"Recovering the Lost Art of Reading" by Leland Ryken

I've just started this one. If you're anything like me, I've found my reading attention shorten over the years I've been on the internet. It takes much longer for me to finish a book. This timely read gives helpful tips and an approach to reading that honors God. I sure hope I can finish it! :)

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How are that loveable dog and cat of yours? +
At a standoff.

Each lay claim to the downstairs and our undivided attention. Sometimes I feel like the competition is as fierce as the Hunger Games. But on the bright side, they are at least in the same room now.