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Hey there,

It's been a while since I published a new post over at the Hulry blog.

But good things are often worth the wait.

For some time, I've been exploring ideas on publishing hardware reviews on Hulry.


I was holding back because I wanted to keep the reviews matched up to the high-quality standards of Hulry.

And now, it's finally time for the 1st hardware review on the Hulry blog.

Here's a sneak peek:

Next week, I'll be publishing my experience of a device I've been enjoying for a few months now.

It has quickly become an indispensable tool for me, and I'm over the moon to be able to bring you this review. 🤞

Can you guess the device in the picture above?

Catch you next week with this whole new category for Hulry.

Now, grab a coffee, sit tight, and enjoy this week's issue:

Book to Read

You’re Not Listening

Listening is a lost art in the modern world. We mostly listen to respond. Not for curiosity and understanding. In this book, Kate Murphy teaches why listening is an important skill and how to level up your listening game.

Get it from Amazon

Apps & Services

Rows ➔

Spreadsheet with integrations

Rows is a modern spreadsheet app that connects your spreadsheet with hundreds of other services in a couple of clicks. Unlike Google Sheets, where you have to write an app script to connect your spreadsheet data with services like Twitter or an API, Rows makes the setup easy. With native functions in the app, you can fetch data from an API, schedule a Tweet, or verify email addresses in minutes. And the list goes on. Rows is free to start, but paid plans start at $59/month.
Wunderbucket ➔

Publish from your local macOS folder

While no-code platforms like Webflow makes it easy for anyone to design a website and launch, HTML enthusiasts might find these apps limiting. I’ve always enjoyed coding up websites in HTML and CSS to get the exact look and feel I wanted. However, if you don’t have experience dealing with servers, launching a custom coded website might get tricky. This is where Wunderbucket comes in. Wubderbucket is a macOS app that lets you publish a site or a blog from a local folder on your Mac. Any change in the local folder will reflect your website on the web. You can launch 1 site for free and then upgrade if required.
Quest ➔

Audio-based Q&A community

Quest is like an audio version of Quora. You can post your queries in the community, and people from around the world will record an audio answer to your question. Quest lets you listen to popular Q&As on the platform and allows you to add in your response to a question as well. I found it quite interesting to listen to these bite-sized answers to common career questions. Available only for iOS right now, with an Android app in the works.
Read This Twice ➔

Book recommendations from your favourite people

Read This Twice is a beautiful place to share and receive book recommendations. It’s like Goodreads but better. You can create public and private book lists to organise your books to read or books you’ve already read. One incredibly helpful feature of this community is book recommendations by prominent figures like Bill Gates. Read this Twice scours the web for book recommendations by thought leaders and adds them to their People page. I went ahead and created my public book recommendations page here.

Taking the Shortcut




Navigate to your home folder on Finder in macOS.

Interesting Reads

How the busiest people get 'deep work' done ➔

9 min read

Deep work requires uninterrupted blocks of time when we can sit down and work without any distractions. However, in the real world, that is hard to attain for many people. Be it kids at home, or frequent meetings, finding time for deep work can be challenging. This article highlights stories of people who have managed to carve out deep work time in their frantic schedules.
Confessions of an Overnight Millionaire ➔

13 min read

With startups going public every day, it's not rare to find yourself in a position where you amass a massive wealth all of a sudden. This is a real story of a startup employee who was suddenly worth over $6 million when her company went public and how all that money affected her life. I loved reading this story, and it has some key takeaways should you find yourself in a similar situation.
Dark Patterns that Mislead Consumers Are All Over the Internet ➔

5 min read

Dark patterns are sneaky techniques that get you to signup for a service you never intended to or keep paying subscription money because cancellation is hard. This article explores and illustrates some of the most common dark patterns that are tricking web users every day. Read this article to see if you've been prey to these unethical trickeries.
4 Ways to Manage Your Energy More Effectively ➔

8 min read

It's easy to get started on something because we usually have a burst of fresh energy at the start of a new project or habit. However, as we keep working towards that project or our goals, it can become less motivating and tedious. This article talks about ways you can make sure you have the energy every day to work towards your milestones and still not burn yourself out.
How to Make the Most of Your Finances in Your 30s ➔

6 min read

We usually don't think much about savings when we're in our 20s and out partying. That is unless we've been taught the good habit of saving from an early age. I didn't start saving and investing until I was 26 years old. And as I'm approaching my 30s, money management has become an even more important topic. This article highlights some areas of your life where you should be focusing on regarding your money. I loved the diversification illustrated in this article.


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