We closed March on a high note by honouring the adventurous spirit of female travellers

Following the recent addition of the Gender Filter to the UN Masters List on our platform, we have just released an inspiring Report on the Women Who Visited Every Country in the World.

This exhaustive report shines a light on the inspiring journeys of women travellers worldwide. Get ready to be motivated by their incredible stories!

King's Day Celebration in The Hague

Get ready for an unforgettable weekend on April 25-28. Join fellow NomadMania members and travel enthusiasts in The Hague for the orange-themed King's Day celebration

Our Envoy for the Benelux region Razvan Bondalici has made sure the itinerary for the weekend is filled with festivities, live music, canal cruises, and of course, our special Nomadmania gatherings.

Don't miss out on this iconic Dutch event and register today!

NomadMania in Canada

But that is not the end of NomadMania events planned for April

Just a reminder that those in Canada should mark their calendars on April 12. We have Envoy meetings lined up in both Vancouver and Toronto.

It's a fantastic opportunity to connect, share stories, and plan your next adventure.

We Need Your Help

In this new rubric, we plan on asking the community for its input. That way you can get in touch and we will get to know you; it's win-win!

In preparation for our next monthly themes, we have already contacted a number of male-female couples as well as single mothers who travel with their children.

We are, however, looking for single/divorced/widowed fathers who travel with their children asap! 

Additionally, we are looking for same-sex couples who travel.

And we're looking for people whose primary motivation for travel is sports - either to attend sports events or to play themselves!

If you fit the bill for any of the above or know someone who does, and would like to be featured by NomadMania, please contact us!

New DARE in Eastern Europe

A special DARE highlight this week is Saatse Area, Estonia. 

Known for its unique history and the Saatse Boot, a boot-shaped area of the Russian state border that cuts the Estonian Värska–Saatse road for 800 meters, Saatse offers a glimpse into Seto culture and traditions. Explore the intriguing past and vibrant present of this region on your next adventure!

Other DARE places in Eastern Europe to explore this week include:



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