How to stop being motivated by fear, build a city and pay attention to the context.

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How to stop being motivated by fear, build a city and pay attention to the context.


"If you don’t eat your dinner, you won’t get the dessert.”

This is how some of us were trained to be motivated by fear.

Our parents, teachers or bosses made us associate tasks or work in general with the fear of failure.

If you are motivated by fear, you will procrastinate and wait for the deadline to get a shot of anxiety and finish your task.

Fortunately, you can always rewire yourself to be motivated by more constructive factors.

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Manhattan: a piece of land bought from Lenape Indians for $24 worth of trinkets by Peter Minuit in 1626.

This is one of the first chapters of the history of New York, one of the most important cities in the history of business and culture.

Establishing a city is like starting a business – you build a diverse community, have different stakeholders and need to take care of the budget.

Today I offer you an enjoyable guide to the history of New York. „I Never Knew That About New York” by Christopher Winn is a collection of trivia that sum up in a colorful picture of the Big Apple.

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What is the primary obstacle in learning from books and other people’s advice?

I believe that it is the fact that everything depends on context.

A tip someone describes in a book is accurate in the very context it was discovered.

A piece of advice given by someone else is always biased by their limited knowledge and understanding of the context of your situation.

A person we meet and find smart in a conference may change their behavior when hired in your company.

That’s why it so difficult to get a quick fix in business.

How to approach the context challenge?

  1. Be aware of the change in context. Awareness in the key.
  2. Experiment with new ideas in a small scale to limit the risk.
  3. When engaging advisors aim for a long-term cooperation not for a one-time shot. The time invested in getting to know your company context is invaluable.

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