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Best Sellers September

The Happiest Man on Earth

The third instalment in Yotam Ottolenghi’s multi-award-winning PLENTY series, "Flavour" is top seller this month with 2,590 sales.

"The Survivors" by Jane Harper comes in fairly close behind with 2,155 sales.

"The Happiest Man on Earth" drops from first to third with 1,617 sales (-31).

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KPI's - the book industry defies gravity

Massive bounce backs in both NZ and AU in September if these figures can be believed. Would be interested to hear it you are seeing this on the ground.

Sales compared to last year  Aug / Sep

  • Australia: -1.8 / +18.9%
  • New Zealand: -1.3 / +30.79%

System traffic

  • 8.5 million hits in August, 30 million in September! Overwhelmingly on the r4 platform which got 28 of the 30 million. These are massive numbers, up to now hits have been in the 1 - 2 million range. Again the numbers seem unbelievable - we will have to double check to see if there is some sort of recording difference on r4.

Development in September

In September we rolled out sys admin, security and speed improvements as part of ongoing work. Bulk customer order fulfilment and the Xero upgrades were also progressed. We also completed the eWay and data load upgrades. The last known things blocking r4 migrations have also been cleared.

In progress

  • Web order fulfilment efficiency improvements
  • Infrastructure and system upgrades
  • Deal improvements
  • Speed improvements
  • Xero upgrade

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The Lockdown relief swing (across the road from home)

Spring Skiing

Catching the last of the season's snow last week

Warwick Schaffer


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