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SHUTEYE PASS, elevation 7,300’

So, this happened. The Briceburg fire is out. Air quality is back to normal. My son, Jon-Paul, invited me to join some yoga pals for an autumn hike to the top of Shuteye Pass – a ridge we’ve camped below several times this summer. I’m like…”Oh, yeah, I’m in.”

First stop, a new-to-me waterfall: Cascadel Falls. You know I’m all about water, so this was exciting. I can’t wait to come back in the Spring. Mother Nature, you never cease to amaze me.

Then we dropped by our favorite picnicking spot—Rock Creek—to dip our toes in the very chilly water before heading up, up, and up to hike. The lush yellow you see is Indian Rhubard.

Our climb to the top of the ShutEye Ridge Pass isn’t long but it is arduous because of the elevation gain. Still, like always, the view is well worth the effort.


JP decided we’d picnic on top of the ridge so he carried in his backpack all the fixin’s to make us hot, delicious veggie wraps, consisting of: hummus, lettuce, savory chick peas, two kinds of cheese, sauerkraut, sunflower sprouts, and green salsa. I swear, everything tastes better at 7,300’!!

While Jon-Paul prepped our lunch, the rest of us scattered to explore. I tried a bit bouldering…not intentionally. I just got to place where going up seemed smart…until it didn’t. But it did provide a great look at where we came from on the opposite side of the ridge.


The trip down was much faster. But the drive home involved several stops for me to snap shots of the lovely fall colors. The pink-hued leaves are Dogwood. The yellow and orange belong to the Black Oak.


Halloween is looming. My Q&A question this week is: Do you get Trick or Treaters knocking at your door on Halloween? Y or N? We don’t. I really miss seeing the kids in costume.

(Two winners will be chosen by random drawing to receive either a $5 Starbucks gift card or a $5 Amazon gift card. Please reply the usual ways: email or on my DebraSalonenAuthor Facebook page.)

Last week’s Q&A was: Do like to browse in antique/collectibles/thrift stores: Y or N? If yes, where is the best store you’ve ever visited?

Many thanks for the fun replies to this question. My hubby and I love to explore antique stores. Occasionally, we even find a treasure. Like this red glass ashtray. Nobody we know smokes, but Paul loves red glass. 😉

My two randomly selected winners this week are:

Emma Metz – YES
Meg Heinrich – YES

(Emma and Meg congrats. Please email me your pick of either a $5 Starbucks or a $5 Amazon gift card.)

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Next week: a romantic anniversary getaway to the Russian River of Northern California and the infamous beach town of Bodega Bay—where Alfred Hitchcock filmed THE BIRDS. Guess how many years? (Hint: <50 but >40.)



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