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We smashed it! Every day counts as a celebration and particularly on 22.08.2018, we toasted to our 2 years survival, to the solidarity our team going headstrong together. Quoting Alex’ heart-warming note to the team he published on LinkedIn, “Whilst still being fragile and not perfect, we have grown to become more resilient, improved at a supersonic pace. We have one of the best team in the region as the overall average of “kick-ass-ness” is much higher than I have witnessed anywhere else. Thank you to all supporters, doubters, partners and investors. You made us stronger. This represents us entrepreneurs stubbornly focussing on our North and shifting amazing products until most bounce off a cliff and die. Some of us survive but most won’t make it. This is bloody hard but any entrepreneur wouldn’t do it any other way. Keep trying until you fly!”

Team baking

What’s better than designing, baking, decorating your own cake and eating it on your own birthday?! This is our approach to things: we pour our heart into solving a problem and get our hands dirty. There were failures – one of the 4 chocolate cake layers was over-dosed with rum and couldn’t form a useful base. There were doubts – how could we possibly make the decoration as to the one we designed, were we unrealistic, did we have enough time or materials? In the process, there were all sort of different emotions, adrenaline and rush, reactions, successes, adjustments, fine-tunings and what not. At the end, nonetheless, we are happy with the awesome cake and moments we created.

Hyperledger is a multi-project, multi-stakeholder effort that includes 10 business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. 


"FinFabrik is fueling the reinvention of finance with the most useful, interoperable and future-proof technology for enabling clients’ and partners’ growth with cross-chain capabilities for primary issuance of digital asset-backed securities and easy-to-use secondary multi-assets trading," said Alex Medana, FinFabrik co-founder and CEO. “Joining Hyperledger is an amazing step in FinFabrik's journey towards reinventing capital markets. We can’t do it solely on our own and are looking forward to collaborating with all players in the ecosystem to bring value to a larger audience."


Original release reads, Hyperledger welcomes 13 new members

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CryptoFabrik feature: Manage Wallets

Let’s peek into one of CryptoFabrik new features that has been long awaited in the crypto community.


Users can transfer and monitor their cryptoassets between their connected exchange wallets all in one place on CryptoFabrik. You can read from the below demo screen of the Holdings page, where you can view what you have by Asset, by Exchange, and transfer assets between your different wallets. Interested in learning more should get in touch with us, we’d be excited to take you on a test drive.


From research, ideating to shippable product, hear us out on how we’re bringing life to CryptoFabrik by clicking on the video links below:

Digest and More

Apart from some of the above materials, we as a team have taken time out of our tight schedules to write content that is useful for all of us. Even our interns have joined us in sharing their findings and thoughts during their stay with us. Don’t miss out.


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Team Spotlight: Connie Ma

Connie leads marketing and communication efforts at FinFabrik, remains vigilant about other topics like People and Culture.

Q: Who are you?
A: On the second anniversary of FinFabrik, I have written a piece about my career and personal transition from a 40-year-old multi-national corporate legacy to a 6-month-old fintech baby. It was tough because I spent most of my youth there, a good part of me was engineered into the preferred corporate animal. Unlearning is the most important lesson I have taken here. You can read some of my personal journey in this piece published in efinancialcareers.

Q: What do you care about?
A: Recently I have spent much time in learning what happiness is, for myself and others. Ok – a lot of philosophers, great thinkers have covered this in much elaborated manner, but those are just something in the book and possibly have reached part of my brain surface area. Work in progress. I have not exactly found the best conclusion, yet, the practice of Now is pretty helping. Current reading: “The Disappearance of The Universe” by Gary Renard.

On closing

Dunning-Kruger effect was brought up in our last weekly All-hands where we touched on the topic of cognitive bias.
"The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.
- David Dunning and Justin Kruger

Onwards and upwards, the third year has just begun!

Fabulously yours,
FinFabrik team

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