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Happy harvest time...

Greetings! If you're reading this you signed up for my mailing list recently or you are opening this from one of my social media shares. Either way, I want to welcome you and thank you again for joining me today. 

Things have been hectic this last month. I have been working on two big projects, my WIPs Tarzinëa: Rise of the Vardin and The Celestial One: Episode One. Each project has hit their own set of road bumps.

Tarzinëa: Rise of the Vardin was put on hold while I re-work the world timeline and outline. I've been working on this off and on the last few weeks with no signs of finishing soon. It seems to be never-ending changes since I switched my files over to Scrivener. Overall, this transition works out great because I didn't realize the mess I created in my hard drive. Now I get the fun of working through everything and destroying years of work. 

Now the only real pitfall I had with The Celestial One is the world building. The original idea was to create it in a world dynamic with God and Satan. But, after talking with my author friend Allison D. Reid I realized a big issue that would come out of writing this serial this way. Not wanting you all to be thinking I am ripping the bible to shreds or insulting anyone's religion I changed it to make it a completely different concept. 

This ended up working out better since the direction I was going wasn't anything like our religion today. It took a shift towards polytheism, a world of multiple gods instead of one.

If you haven't joined my street team, I plan to have a sneak peek from the first few chapters of The Celestial One: Episode One featured. Just letting you know ahead of time, these sneak peeks from my WIPs are still in rough form and are unedited. 

Besides struggling with my writing I achieved my goal for this month, getting An Elf, a Dragon, and a God's Intervention published. The pre-order details are below.

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An Elf, a Dragon, and a God's Intervention

Tales of FerrĂȘs Story #2

Blake and Meisha spent years hunting down jewels and treasures throughout the realms of TarzinĂ«a. Placing these treasures upon a mural that adorns Meisha’s cave creating a masterpiece of magnificent art. Now on the verge of completing this quest they find themselves inside the Forest of FerrĂȘs. What should seem like an easy task will end in disaster when a goddess intervenes with fate?

A choice made will change this dragon and her elven ryder’s fate forever. How far can greed push you before you give up everything to save the one you love most?

Pre-Order Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 20, 2018

I am offering ARC copies to readers that agree to provide reviews on release day. If interested contact me at, thank you.  

What's happening this month...

The month of September is a big month for me. I published my second short story and will work on my next. If all goes right I am trying to keep it where I publish a short story a month till The Celestial One starts up in January. 

Keeping myself busy and trying to get more exposure as an author will keep me busy. I created a new page over on my website for upcoming events. Right now all my events are online till I get actual books to feature at in person events. 

This month into next month I will take part in several newsletter swap events, Facebook takeover events and a blog tour for author Sheri-Lynn Marean. 

To give you all a heads up when I do newsletter swap events I will try to keep them to my monthly day I send out my newsletter. There will be times I will send out multiple newsletters if the event lands outside my normal schedule. 

What is a newsletter swap? It is an added benefit for you since it will offer you more books besides my own to look at. They will be within the genres I write but the nice thing about the swaps I will take part in is the books are $0.99 or FREE. I will take part in one on September 20, so keep your eyes peeled for this email. 

Stop by my events page to keep an eye on what I am up too or enjoy the event list below. 

Upcoming Events...


17-21st: Arcane Autumn SFF Giveaway (newsletter swap my day to send is September 20th)


6th: Release Day Party Take-Over “Clandestine” Book One of the Evos Saga (my time slot is 10-11am CST)

12-15th: The 13 Book Birthday Bash! (my time slot is 4-5pm CST)

I am still working out the kinks in my newsletter schedule. If you think this one was long, let me no. Right now I am just doing a monthly one but if the newsletters keep being so long I will switch to a bi-weekly cycle. That way it doesn't get overwhelming or make you feel like I am droning on forever :). 

Below are just a few things to check out, but I hope you all have an awesome September. See ya all in October or before if things pop up.

Talk soon,

K.M. :)

New Flash Fiction Tales

Here are the latest flash fiction tales that are available to read free on my website. Patreon exclusive tales are link to the public excerpt that was released as a teaser. 

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Consequence of Sweets     King's Understanding

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Two Messages Paid with Blood

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Tales of FerrĂȘs Story #1

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An Elf, a Dragon, and a God's Intervention

Tales of FerrĂȘs Story #2

A choice made will change this dragon and her elven ryder’s fate forever. How far can greed push you before you give up everything to save the one you love most?

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