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In celebration of Black Friday/Small Business Sunday/Cyber Monday and all the shopping deals that go with them, I have HUGE sales lined up for you! This is my BIGGEST SALE TO DATE with more than 40 print and 30 audio titles, so you do NOT want to miss out!

ALL the links are below, plus don't forget that the Legal Affairs series is now in KU!

Now get those one-click fingers ready for a working in 3...2...1...


The biggest shopping days of the year are here, and I’ve got some D E A L S for you! Whether you’re shopping Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday, you do NOT want to miss out. Get more than 40 Sawyer Bennett titles for just $.99! That’s right, for less than a buck, you can get the following titles…

* This sale does NOT include the first three titles for the Arizona Vengeance series because I do not own those rights and therefore cannot change prices.

* If the pricing has not changed in your territory, please be patient. It sometimes takes a day or so for the other territories to catch up. Prices HAVE been changed in ALL territories.)

👉 Arizona Vengeance

👉 The Chronicles of the Stone Veil

👉 Jameson Force Security

👉 Wicked Horse

👉 Wicked Horse Vegas

👉 Standalones

The D E A L S keep coming!! Get your AUDIO on at Apple, Google Play, and Chirp with prices slashed 50% (or more!!) on the following titles...

👉 Wicked Horse

Wicked Fall (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Lust (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Need (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Ride (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Bond (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

👉 Wicked Horse Vegas

Wicked Favor (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Wish (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Envy (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Wedding (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Choice (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Knight (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Angel (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Secret (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

Wicked Billionaire (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

👉 Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs (Kirsten Leigh)

Confessions of a Litigation God (Lee Samuels)

Clash (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Grind (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Yield (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll (Joe Arden & Maxine Mitchell)

The Pecker Briefs (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

👉 Jameson Force Security

Code Name: Genesis (Shane East & Imogen Church)

Code Name: Sentinel (Jason Clarke & Lucy Rivers)

Code Name: Heist (Joe Arden & Mackenzie Cartwright)

👉 Standalones

Uncivilized (Lee Samuels & Kirsten Leigh)

Finding Kyle (Lance Greenfield & Kirsten Leigh)

The Hard Truth About Sunshine (Lance Greenfield)

Atticus (Bahni Turpin)

👉 Arizona Vengeance (Chirp only, prices end SUNDAY)

Legal Affairs is in Kindle Unlimited!

The Legal Affairs series is now in Kindle Unlimited! If you're looking for a fun, witty, and devastatingly sexy series to binge, you go! Whether it's getting down and dirty with the boss, burning it up with your nemesis, or helping your buttoned up lawyer let down her hair, the Legal Affairs series has got you covered. Ready to dive in? Let's go!!
► Legal Affairs:
► Confessions of a Litigation God:
► Clash:
► Grind:
► Yield:
► Friction:
► Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll:
► The Pecker Briefs:

* NOTE: All books in the series are standalones, with the exception of Clash, Grind, and Yield, which are a trilogy and best enjoyed if read in order.

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