We're puttling the spotlight on the best in travel! Our NomadMania Travel Awards is the Oscar for globetrotters.

This year, we're going bigger with a live show from Lviv, Ukraine on October 20th. Be sure to catch the action live on our YouTube channel at: 

4:00 PM London 
11:00 AM New York 
8:00 AM Los Angeles 
10:00 PM Bangkok 

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New Interview - President Kevin Baugh

This month, we're diving deep into the world of micronations, starting with the unique Republic of Molossia!

Imagine declaring your own bedroom a nation or having an entire country you can tour in just an hour and a half. Meet the Republic of Molossia, a mesmerizing micronation nestled right in Northern Nevada.

Read the interview here and experience a world where big dreams thrive in small spaces.

President Kevin Baugh opens up about Molossia's origin, unique governance, and its quirky rules (hint: onions, walruses, and catfish are a big no-no!).

NomadMania Reflects on World Mental Health Day 

On World Mental Health Day, our vibrant NomadMania community took a moment to pause and reflect. From the insights of over 1,000 members, we crafted a powerful video that highlights 8 touching quotes.

These testimonies resonate with our shared experiences and the ebbs and flows of a nomadic lifestyle.

In those solitary moments, it's comforting to remember you're part of a global family that understands.

Dive deeper and watch the video HERE to feel connected, and remember: in NomadMania, you always have a haven.

New TBT Ranking Update 

We've revamped our TBT scoring system, aiming to holistically evaluate the world's most passionate travellers! The new criteria now incorporate scores from lists like NomadMania Masterlist 1301, DARE, SLOW, and much more.

Bonus 'points' are awarded for NomadMania region verifications, achievement badges, and TBT badge honorees.

Travellers covering fewer than 135 UN nations aren't part of the TBT leaderboard.

Want to know more details or your rank? Check the full update HERE!


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