Revisiting some techniques: Inking a comic book page.

I thought it would be interesting to re-start some of these old tutorials that I have floating around the inter webs on YouTube.

That video is more in-depth, as is all the videos from the series. It would be a great place to stop by and take a look if you're curious about my inking process.

The videos are fairly long: 20 to 40 minutes. Here's a brief step-by-step you can read in a minute that covers my inking process fairly well.

Here's the order of the inking, assuming you've inked all the gutters (panel borders) first:

Types of lines:

Circles and ellipticals

I use a Pigma pen, either .8mm or .5 depending on the size line you want.

Fine to medium lines

I use a speedball calligraphy nib, A5, in new condition.

Medium to thick lines

Speedball nib A5 again, but a worn-out one that produces a broader line.

Blacks and shadows

Calligraphy nib D4. Any 'flat shape' circle or elliptical nib with a fairly noticeable 'dot' on the tip.

Let's see this in action...

Step 1

Start with a penciled drawing. Here I have Officer Gene Sturgeon surrounded by a biker gang. It's a poster that will eventually have some faces of my fans stuck on the biker's visages. More on that later.

Step 2

The first thing you lay down is the circles and ellipticals using the Pigma pen and template.

Step 3

Then put down straight lines that will connect with the circles. In this case, the edge of the shotgun matching the round muzzle.

Step 4

Then lay in the thick lines. Generally the bottom half of important objects, people, things that need to have a sense of 'mass' to them. Also anything in dramatic 'close-up'. Draw as completely as you can, really pushing the line work to the limit, until you can't draw the lines remaining because they're too thin.

Step 5

Now lay in the thin lines. This is where you finish this up as best as you can.

Step 6

Next comes the thick, D4 tip that you 'scrub scrub' into the shadows and black areas.


Steps 7 and 8

There's another 2 steps, not shown, where you erase like crazy all the pencil lines away, and then go back with the thin tip and either 'clean up' or finish off any lines you forgot to get down.

There. Easy! Be sure to check your inbox for more random tutorials in condensed form! Have a great weekend!

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