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The Truth of the Black Dragon

The fourth book in the Luzi Cane series is half through in the raw text, so the index shows only this first part.

The index looks like this, halfway through the book

Level 3 is only to give the author an overview. They will not show up in the book’s index and headlines.

Elvendale in early sun light

Lucia Cane

Julia and Boomer

The truth of the easy life

- Dome Home Village Meeting

Where is the mind?

  - - The metaphor of experience and memory


- Snow

- Knight in the moonlight

- The black soil of Meso-America

- Mum and dad visits

- Lawn turf

A long-awaited visit

Late spring

- At the beaches of Elvendale

- The headbands in Atlantis

- Julia’s first birthday

- Blueberry

  - - The bird that joins our flock

- DNA and New Energy

  - - The fishing cats

- Knight and forgiveness

  - - Hastings Castle ruins with Ting and Chang

  - - Blue and Isis

  - - Goodbye to Ting and Chang + mum, dad and Anna

The black lion goddess Sekhmet

Author’s comments


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