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when a fake hides another

(sorry for the picture, only French speakers will understand the humour)

The first atomic bombings and beatniks are almost contemporary. How curious, Lookout Mountain Laboratory too.

I have always had a doubt about the "counterculture". In particular one of the "words of order" of the counterculture of the 70s:

"never trust anyone over 30"

I have never been able to take this phrase seriously. Besides, I benefited from the teaching of a lot of people much older than me.

It even seems that sometimes life puts them there for a reason.

As this house painter sent by the rental agency of my apartment in the 80s to redo the paintings of the windows. Installed in my interior, during beautiful spring days, he quickly began to philosophize. His three days of work turned into 3 days of conversations about, around Freemasonry, and that there is somewhere knowledge, waiting to be discovered.

These are also people I have never met, like this week, looking for a good version of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, I came across La Petite Bande, with the best - authentic? - version of the said Concerto that I know, listen to these basses!

Js. Bach Brandenburg Concerto No.3

Being able to follow the orchestral score while listening is a rare pleasure.

I especially discovered the soul of the petite bande: a Belgian flemish, Sigiswald Kuijken.

Already a real counter-engineer in 1964, he traveled the world with ensembles of ancient music. The reinventor of the "shoulder cello" or viola da spalla (very likely the instrument Bach had in mind for his famous cello suites). The 3 basses you can see and hear on the video above.

Dear Mr Sigiswald Kuijken and his la petite bande need support, the state grant for such a successful - and important - research institution on Bach has been withdrawn, and they have to ask for donations, ah misery ...

Yet, in the genre, they are what Old Europe does best.

Sigiswald has, moreover, superbly studied the famous Chaconne - a must for violinists - and recorded one of the best versions I know. Not a flaw, each note lives in its proper place, a masterpiece of instrumental solo music.

A simple improvisation on the cadence that I give for the musicians here

- 3/4, one point for a beat, the chord lasts over the following point (s):

Dm      .          .

Eo7/D  A7/C #   .

Dm        Bb        .

Gm      Dm/A   A7

Your mission, if you accept it: improvise solo for 14 minutes on these four measures

I give the breathtaking chromatic epic from the end of the Chaconne to those in a rush, for the musical mastery of Sigiswald Kuijken.

But one thing is for sure, if I look in my yard, the counterculture never reached the backyards, when I see the situation these poor hens have to endure every day, the pecking and things that happen at any time in the yard from behind without warning, I find myself almost hoping that the henhouses would be managed by Femen squadrons.

Better get back to the beginning of our Chaconne

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