In an emergency, sprouting can save your life.  Yes, you can live on what your seeds produce and I'll mention that they are very good for you.  Because these seeds and legumes are alive, they have a very high frequency of energy.  You will feel this once you start eating spouts everyday.  

I was asked how I sprout and I responded that it was easy...mason jars and stainless steel screened lids and I rinse them twice at day.  I had to laugh when he retorted..."Sounds like a lot of work".  I didn't say anything but I did have a distinct recognition that this guy never had the experience of a vegetable that's a lot of work...and rewarding I will add.

You can buy sprouting seeds on line and they will often say Non-GMO and they are very pricey.  I skipped over to the WinCo Foods bulk isles and found a lot of seeds and legumes for a fraction of the price.  90% of these seeds and legumes, I am happy to say, are sprouting.  This means they are not GMO.  Anyway, you can't buy GMO seeds unless you enter into a contract with Mansanto or whoever is now trying to control the farming industry and you have to buy in large quantities.  I bought a 1/2 cup of about 12 different seeds and legumes, labeled the lids and started sprouting.  Here is a list of those that are doing well.

#1635 Small Red Beans

#1616 Mayo Coba Beans

#1467 French Green Lentils

#1295 Mung Beans

#1638 Garbanzo Beans

#1482 Red Quinoa

#1641 Lentils

#1646 Black Turtle Beans

#1647 Black Eyed Beans

----------------  I am just starting.  There are thousands of seeds that you can spout...Radish, alfalfa, broccoli, quinoa, red clover...

I will now return to WinCo and purchase these items by the sack, 10lb 25lb 50lb and keep them cool and dry as I use what I store.

I ordered the large mouth Stainless Steel screen lids with rings from and 24 Ball mason large mouth jars from  You can buy plastic lids for sprouting but I prefer stainless steel.  One company selling plastic lids with different size holes says, "You need the different size lids to get rid of the hulls".  I think this is another sales job...  eating the hulls is good for you.  They are soft and who knows we might need a little roughage anyway.

You rinse your seeds with cool water twice a day.  I let them drain completely for a few minutes in the dish rack and them I lay them on a towel inclined with a 2 x 4 piece of wood as seen in the picture, lid down of course so it can drain completely.  Within a couple of days they will start to sprout depending on the temperature of the room.  65-75 degrees is a good temperature for sprouting. 

Small seeds will grow an inch or two when they are ready to eat.  Beans and legumes will pop only about 1/4"  when they are ready to eat.  You can eat sprouts and you can add them to anything... except maybe cornflakes and milk which I don't eat anyway.

As you find bulk seed and legumes that sprout, make a note and let me know. I'll include it in the next newsletter for everyone.

On a different note,  be sure that when you use the BodyGuard or EarthTides to keep the plates separated and be careful not to arc metal across the plates while the unit is on.  Setting the plates on Aluminum foil will arc the plates, cause sparks and may damage the transformer inside.  I just replaced a transformer for a client who made this mistake. 

All new EarthTides are being manufactured with a circuit breaker for the plates.  If the plates touch or get arced with metal, the electron flow to the plates is cut and will not continue until you press the reset button.  For yourself and future users of your BodyGuard or EarthTides I would print a small note and tape it to the front top of the enclosure.  It should say something to this affect. 

                                                      For Safety, Never Touch the Plates                                                                                                               Together or Arc Across the Plates                                                                                                                             with any Metal

Anyone who wants this upgrade, simply ship your unit to me with a check for $20. I will do the upgrade and ship it back. If you live in Europe or Australia, include a check for $70. If you live in Canada, include a check for $50.

If you have sold units to clients,  be sure to share this newsletter and safety information with them. If they want to get on the mailing list,  there is a link on the website

Kindest regards