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From the upcoming book 4 in the Luzi Cane series
The Truth of the Easy Life

I usually don't share much of a upcoming book, but this time I have chosen to share the first part of a chapter (as it is for now) from the book in work The Truth of the Black Dragon. If you don't want to read the text here, you have access to it in PDF format via the button below. - Erik Istrup

The truth of the easy life

I have just turned 30. When I look back on my life, it has been easy comparing to most other people I know or have known. Not because of the money we had in the family when Anna and I was children, but the way our parents and so us, looks upon life.

Having ‘enough’ money surely takes your mind’s focus off some basic needs that has to be fulfilled in a human life, but the mind kind of craving problems to solve, even it at the same time wants calmness and joy. The mind quickly gets bored and may create drama in your life if it is its experience that drama works fine for keeping it busy.

Over time, the mind must experience, that it need not work all the time, but can be idle and in cruise mode through the human life.

I sense Saint Germain is quick to pick up on this.

“You are right, dear Luzi. You must let go of the struggle and the battle of your human problems. The mind doesn’t want to let them go, because it sees it as its job to solve problems, so what will there be for it to do, when there are no problems solve?”

“But humans may have wounds and programming from maybe over 1000 lifetimes. There are issues from more than just this lifetime.”

Saint Germain repeats what Knight and Sekhmet said and added more detail on how things might work.

“The aspects of other lifetimes can’t be healed, but you can allow them to integrate back home in you which is an even greater gift. All the struggles will distil to wisdom. The mind might feel bored for a while until it gets used to the easy life. Now you can enjoy life and fill it with richness and meaning.”

“The connection with the Master Wisdom is crucial to this because of the distillation.”

I sense Saint Germain’s excitement on the subject.

“The human’s new friends, the I Am, the Master and the New Energy, could be seen as a new identity the WEGO not just the ego, but WE GO together as they link.”

“The Master Wisdom will bring the truth onto one’s life, because I see truth as wisdom.”

Saint Germain pick up the word, truth as a cue for a longer lecture which I do not interrupt.

“In the very early days, the concept of truth was not in consciousness, because we were all busy experiencing how to live on Earth. When the Atlanteans were looking for the source of life, the truth came up. After the fall, the truth was lost. Came up again in the early time of Egypt and sprouted in Greek.

“The concept of truth in the human world is, that the more consciousness a person or group has, the more the truth is needed. It is the ultimately mind game.

“Truth now being a meaning a purpose. Truth is what can be perceived or believed. Truth is a level of consciousness. Most seeking for truth happens outside and therefor in the mind.

“When not finding truth outside, one goes inside. Now one has to look at one self, evaluating if this is truth. There is a lot of mis-truths. What do you perceive about yourself? The world is filled with lies. How can you tell the different, if you are used to mis-truth or lies? A lie is a distortion of truth. One can believe in a lie and so it is kind of truth. You know it is not real, it is not you. Lies are kind of protection of self, and in other ways it is a means of feeding on others. Everyone has these lies. The only truth is to found within. Then you can see the rest as stories.

“Truth is perception, perception is awareness, and awareness is consciousness. The mind blocks this, but relaxes so you will know more truth.

“You actually perceive Everything from within even it seems to be happening at the outside. All you perceive is your energy.

“At some point you will say: ‘I know I have my truth inside’. This is the knowingness of truth. Your truth is an absolute feeling. It is not your story of who your really are. It has always been a part of you. Truth is a sense, because it is a way of perceiving. The sense of you. This truth differs from all the other truths. The truth has been hidden in the darkness, but will never again go into hiding. Your truth goes well with your New Energy.

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