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For almost 9 years we at Global Lithuanian Leaders have enjoyed being a connector and a platform for global Lithuanians to contribute to Lithuania's future. This 3-minute questionnaire is meant to get your feedback on our work and then move forward in the right direction.  

With the strong belief in the value of our activities, and willingness to assure the sustainability and growth of the network, GLL is considering to introduce GLL membership fee. We would like to invite you to become our patrons, and your personal feedback on the value this network has created and should create in the future is crucial to meet your expectations.   

GLL News

We Connect Lithuania – Official Program Launch

GLL program We Connect Lithuania was officially and loudly launched  at the Centre of Civil Education Valstybės pažinimo centras. All participants were introduced to the representatives of our sponsors The Kazickas Family Foundation - Kazickų Šeimos Fondas and Lithuanian Foundation Lietuvių Fondas, prominent global Lithuanians visiting Lithuania on the occasion of 100th Anniversary of Restored Independence, and decision makers of Lithuania. We have spent a beautiful afternoon getting to know each other, discussing the importance of Lithuanian Diaspora for the country, and the vision of modern Lithuania. GLL is extremely proud to cooperate with the sponsors - The Kazickas Family Foundation (Kazickų Šeimos Fondas) and Lithuanian Foundation (Lietuvių Fondas). Photos of the event.

We Connect Lithuania – On the Media

Halfway through the term, GLL program We Connect Lithuania received well deserved media attention from LRT morning show Labas Rytas, news portal 15 min, from analytic daily Lietuvos žinios,  and business daily Verslo žinios. After their business hours at internship positions, the participants have already met Ministers of Economy and Healthcare, visited state agencies Enterprise and Invest Lithuania, foreign investors Nasdaq and Telia, met prominent locals with global ideas, danced and discussed multiple identities with Jurgis Didžiulis, joined the choir of thousands in singing the national anthem on the Statehood Day, mingled with Lithuanian scouts in Rumšiškės, tried all sorts of outdoors in Druskininkai. Follow the news.

Talent for Lithuania Fund – Fundraising Platform Launched!

GLL, in cooperation with mentorship platform Academic Buddy and a group of opinion leaders and activists, launched a fund-raising platform for active and talented students (Talentai Lietuvai Fondas). It will help young and highly perspective people to crowdfund their dream studies at world's best universities. Click here to contribute to fulfilling Eivinas Butkus', Ieva Česnulaitytė's, and Linas Nasvytis' success stories. 

Talent for Lithuania – New Frontiers

The 6th season of Talent for Lithuania has opened many long-awaited positions in the NGO sector. On July 3, the team of the project, together with the representatives of Tautos Fondas, visited several institutions hosting Talent for Lithuania interns. During these meetings, the importance of students from universities abroad in the non-governmental sector and the projects carried out by the organizations with the participation of trainees were discussed. For example, Gender Equality Development Center trainee Monika writes about hundreds of Lithuanian women's stories.

LT Big Brother at Lithuanian Youth Summit

On July 7, 2018 LT Big Brother mentors joined World Lithuanian Youth Summit at Harmony Park. Together with organisers and future mentees, they shared experiences and discussed about new career and project opportunities. We are happy to have such a big and enthusiastic LT Big Brother family, known among Lithuanians worldwide. Meanwhile, as the season of mentorship project this year is reaching it‘s peak, we encourage both mentors and mentees to give feedback by posting photos with hashtag #LTBigBrother2018 on Facebook and follow our news on upcoming events.  

GLL Business Advisors – More to Come

According to new agreement with the Ministry of Economy, GLL and Enterprise Lithuania have intensified the connection of the global professionals and revived program GLL Business Advisors. On July 3, 2018, the companies of food and beverages were invited to the free open consultation with Daina Šlekys-Trout, founder and leader of globally known "Health-Ade Kombucha" (find photos here). On July 4, 2018 the companies of ICT sector came to learn special features of the sector and market in the USA and Canada from ICT expert Arūnas Šlekys (find photos here).

Professional Clubs Abroad – Meet Up

June 21, 2018 witnessed the birth of one more unification of Lithuanian professionals abroad, this time in Switzerland where Lithuanians go for business as well as academic careers. In order to be well prepared for sustainability challenges, on September 7-9, the representatives of all professional clubs abroad will meet in Dublin for workshops and discussions.  

GLL at PLJS Summit 2018

At PLJS Summit, GLL director Kotryna Stankutė together with Minister of Foreign Affairs L. Linkevičius, Dean at Kaunas Technology University A. Lašas, Chairman of World Lithuanian Community D. Henke hosted a friendly discussion on the referendum of citizenship retention. The proactivity of participants of the summit during the discussion clearly showcased the importance of the questions.

GLL Members

GLL Summer Meetings

GLL continues the inspiring tradition to catch every single moment to have a life chat with visiting globals, update professional and personal information, get valuable insights on developed and future projects, and promote the ideas of GLL among the professional connections. JOIN GLL.

Three Legendary Friends and Their Daugthers

At the National Martynas Mažvydas Library, you can still visit the exhibition devoted to three legendary personalities of Lithuanian diaspora - prominent chemist dr. Adolfas Damušis, businessman and philanthropist Juozas Petras Kazickas, doctor Kazys Ambrozaitis - all  educated in free Lithuania, all respective of freedom and  politically active during tragic times of lethal occupations. GLL was honoured to take part in the exhibition opening and meet the daughters of all three -  Ambassador Gintė Damušytė, philantropist Jūratė Kazickaitė and businesswoman Ramunė Ambrozaitytė-Fry. More information here.

Agnia Grigas: Demanded Expert on Eastern Europe

Agnia Grigas is an author, scholar, and expert on energy and security policy. Her interest in geopolitical developments of Eurasia started in college and developed into expertise early during her career in the private sector and throughout doctoral studies. Her authored books, professional experience, and frequent media contributions have helped to build the reputation as an opinion leader in this field.

According to her valued opinion, as the US gets its bearings about its newfound position, we can expect competition for European and Asian energy markets to intensify. While traditional energy powers, such as Russia and European energy importers, are set to benefit from a more competitive, flexible, and liquid market. More about it.

Lukas Klusis: Raised at GLL

Lukas Klusis was born with constant urge to try new things for personal and professional growth. LT Big Brother was the first program he explored at GLL and got intensively engaged in numerous volunteering encounters with GLL and our friends at TEDx Vilnius where he met his first employers Pixevia creating industrial level software for unmanaged arial vehicles. He moved to study his Masters in Business Information Systems at Amsterdam University where as constant explorer he was noticed and promoted to team leaders at Otravo. Throughout his world travels, GLL remained within the scope of Lukas interests. Thanks to his talent and curiosity, this year  GLL had a representative on the 10th Lithuanian Mission to Siberia – Misija Sibiras.


GLL Networking Back to Vilnius | August 29 | 7pm

More and more Lithuanian professionals are coming back to Vilnius after few or many years spent abroad. We  believe that it is a good time to connect and continue our traditional meetings for networking! On August 29, at 7 pm we begin the 3rd season of regular monthly meet-ups. Follow the details on FB event

Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad | September 7-9 | Dublin

On September 7-9, 2018, representatives of at least seven clubs of global professionals abroad will meet in Dublin for community building and networking workshop, discussion on current issues of global Lithuanians and just pure fun. The event is hosted by Lithuanian Professionals in Ireland. Its main sponsor Strategic Staffing Solutions.

Life Sciences Baltic 2018 | September 26-27

„Life Sciences Baltics 2018“ will be the 4th international forum of life science researchers and businesspeople. It is expected to host 1500 experts from over 30 countries and meant to emphasise the leadership and potential of the Baltic states in this area.


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