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The case of the missing Tech-Letters
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Turns out, quite a few of you are reporting that you're not receiving tech-letters in the first place (and here I was thinking you don't like me anymore). 

Email is great but it also isn't that great, and often times they'll place your usual email in different folders (for no good reason). 

So here's what I need from you. 

Could you drag The Tech-Letter emails from your Promotion or Spam folders (depending on the mail service you use) to your primary folder/inbox? Something like this: 

Moving email from promotions to inbox in gmail

The GIF above is for Gmail specifically, but the same process should apply whether you're using Outlook, iCloud, or any other mail client. 

It would really help me make sure that this newsletter is actually getting to you, and not getting lost in the way.

Thank you! See you on the next tech-letter.

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