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From the Chair

Greetings from California!

Recently I was on a call with ISDDE leaders from Australia, Europe and the United States. Irrespective of our hemispheric locations, we are all now mostly confined to our homes, as I am sure most of you are. It’s an extraordinary time, and among other things reveals how difficult it is to truly comprehend exponential growth.

We have made the decision to postpone this year’s ISDDE conference, scheduled to take place 14-17 September 2020 in Nottingham, UK, until Fall 2021 (exact dates to be announced). Please make a note in your calendars and watch for the coming news about ISDDE 2021 Nottingham.

Some of you will recall that we took a pause this year on awarding ISDDE’s prize for documented excellence in STEM design (“The Eddie”). Like the Oscars or the Emmys, the Eddie recognizes and brings attention to high quality educational design work that makes a difference. Winners receive the honor and $5000. ISDDE has given out this prize annually since 2008— and awarded this prize to a sequence of outstanding international contributors to the field. The Prize Committee, headed by Geoff Wake, took this moment to rethink and clarify the Eddie, streamline the process, and to add a new prize category. Prize-giving is officially back in business! 

Make sure to read the article in this newsletter about the new prizes, and to learn more about the revised criteria, nomination process, and timeline for each of these prizes.  Perhaps there is someone you might want to nominate!

Also, read about plans afoot to create some (virus-free!) learning opportunities around the work of the prize-winning designer.

Finally, it’s been amazing to see educators and community organizations spring into action as we all work to figure out how to remain healthy, engaged in learning and with each other during this time of global crisis. Please check out one of my favorite resources, a note from Linda Darling-Hammond at the Learning Policy Institute, in Palo Alto, California.

Here is wishing you a safe next few months. Stay healthy (and stay home)!



Jacqueline Barber, Chair 2019-20

ISDDE conference in 2020

In 2020 the ISDDE annual conference was scheduled to return to the UK and visit – for the first time – the home of the Shell Centre at The University of Nottingham. As indicated above, the conference has been postponed until the Fall of 2021, in the same location (see here).

The conference theme will be Learning 2 Design: Design 4 Learning, and it is hoped to grow our ISDDE community by reaching out to communities involved in educational design but who don't always recognise or acknowledge this aspect of their work. Details will be available through the ISDDE website next January.

Geoff Wake, Convenor of next ISDDE Conference

ISDDE Prizes 2020

Update: Although the ISDDE Annual Conference has been delayed until Fall 2021 (see above) the Executive Committee has decided to go ahead with the award of the ISDDE Prize for Excellence in Design for STEM Education this year. The call for nominations is can be found here. The prize will be announced in the Fall 2020 and we hope to host a special “virtual event” at which the prizewinner can share insights into his/her work.

The timetable for nominations is as follows:

  • 1st announcement: Late March 2020
  • 2nd announcement: Early May 2020
  • Initial nominations submitted by June 15th 2020
    Full submissions (by invitation) by 1st September 2020
  • Prize awarded and prizewinner talk Mid-November 2020

In addition, ISDDE is establishing a new type of award. It is The Bell Burkhardt Daro Shell Centre Awards for early-career educational designers. Nominations are now open – again, see the ISDDE website for details about these awards, including the evidence required and the nomination process.

These “Early designer” awards particularly aim to support the work of early career educational designers and build our design community.

Geoff Wake, Chair of the ISDDE Prize Committee

ISDDE in the UK

As I write, we have just postponed our eagerly anticipated second ISDDE UK event here in Cambridge because COVID–19 has rather derailed our careful organisation. We had planned for 16 teams of designers working in the field of maths education to join us for two days of thinking, sharing, and learning from each others’ work, structured around four main questions: how do our design processes affect our design products; what are the affordances or constraints in our work; where does research sit in our work; and how, as educational designers, can we design for impact and how do we know what impact we have made?

However our enthusiasm is undaunted and we are about to rebook the event for the autumn – originally it was by invitation only but if you’re in the UK and would like to know about the revised date, do get in touch with me:

Keep safe and healthy.

Lynne McClure, Immediate Past Chair of ISDDE

New forms of communication for the ISDDE community

ISDDE now has:

  • Facebook page (log into your Facebook account first)
  • Linked in page (the link takes you straight to the public group)
  • WhatsApp group (NB you will need to click this link on your phone as WhatsApp is for phones only)

You are able to use these means for informal discussion, questions and sharing links and expertise. If you see jobs or opportunities in the educational design sector, upcoming events, interesting articles, or have a professional challenge you'd like to ask our community about, please feel free to use these spaces to do so. The Facebook page and WhatsApp group are private (so only those in the group can see posts and comments); the LinkedIn space is public.

Lucy Rycroft-Smith, ISDDE Communications Lead

Update your details

Have you changed jobs since becoming a Fellow or Member of ISDDE? Have you let ISDDE know about these changes and updated your contact details? ISDDE keeps records of email contact and  current professional affiliation or role for all Fellows and Members. These details are kept confidential and are primarily used by the Society to keep you informed of news, conferences, elections and other relevant information.
If you need check or update what information we hold about you, please contact the Secretary at

Kristen Tripet, ISDDE Secretary



ISSDE was formed to help those dedicated to raising the quality of design of educational processes and materials to work effectively as a coherent professional design and development community. The society's Background Paper provides information about the mission and activities of ISDDE.

Educational designers around the world are invited to consider becoming a member of ISDDE.


The ISDDE Committee does its work through several sub-committees. Please use the email links to the Chairs and those coordinating the sub-committees included if you have any matters you would like to raise for consideration at any time.

Chair: Jacquey Barber (2019-20)

Immediate Past Chair: Lynne McClure (2017-18)

Secretary: Kristen Tripet

Editorial Panel for the Journal: Kaye Stacey (Editor-in-chief), Sheila Evans (Assistant editor), Daniel Pead (Design editor), Dor Abrahamson, Frans van Galen and Wout Ottevanger (Associate editors).

Conference: Geoff Wake and colleagues.

Prize: Geoff Wake, Betty Phillips, Jacquey Barber, Peter Boon and Susan McKenney.

Communications: Lucy Rycroft-Smith (Lead); Will Morony. (Newsletter).

Membership: Chris Schunn, Lynne McClure, Phil Daro, Leslie Dietiker and Cornelia Conway.

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